Forget about the photography

Enjoy your day. Leave the rest to me

You can have the greatest day, your way, without being told what to do

Kevin Belson is a Wiltshire Wedding Photographer for people who don’t want to think about photography. Covering the whole South West, UK and Destinations.

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Focus On Your Family And Friends

Forget about the photography. Leave that to me

No posing, just natural and honest images of your day. I fit in so that you can forget about me. You’ll be able to look back and see how your guests, family and friends were feeling, to relive the natural, unforced moments that you shared together and with everyone. You can really feel it, the love, the laughter, the tears, and you want to hand that down from generation to generation; your children, your children’s children. I can make that happen for you. You can trust that all the photos are taken naturally. Seen from a wedding guest’s point of view. You can just get on with having the greatest day of your lives.

Even though Wiltshire is my home, I love to travel and see my job as a big adventure so get in touch wherever you are getting married. More about me

“Kevin made us feel at ease and somehow managed to make two camera-shy people relaxed and happy.”

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You Look Great When You Can Just Be Yourself

When you don’t have to think about a photographer being around or having a camera pointed in your face, you can just relax and get on with enjoying the day. When you are thinking about your family and friends and having a great time you look at your best. It’s those natural interactions that make truly meaningful images that you’ll be able to look back on and share with current and future generations.

Less is More – The less you think about the photos, the more meaning they will have

More is Less – The more you think about the photos the less natural they will look

“I love the way that Kevin manages to capture the moment in a photograph perfectly. Everything we could have asked for.”

No Awkward Posing

No drama (apart from the family; but you can’t choose them, can you?) You can choose to have a relaxed, fun day without worrying about being awkwardly posed for “must have” wedding photos that magazines tell you that you need. I’m not trying to sell advertising to I don’t have any “must have” poses. Just relax and be yourselves, enjoy your family and friends and leave the images to me.

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These Honest, Natural Moments Have Meaning, Now and Forever

These moments have meaning for you and your family. Not just the family you have now but family you are yet to have.

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Big Love From Fabulous Clients

Karina & Guy –Fantastic – a really relaxed, laid back approach to photographing us on the day. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to our friends.”

Julia & James“On the Wedding day itself we barely even noticed he was there but have some fabulous shots that really capture the whole day from start to finish.”

Abbie & Carl – “Kevin has an obvious passion for his craft and loves to steer clear of the typical photo options instead, creating unique and beautiful shots.”

Emma & Jon“The photos from our wedding are simply amazing. They capture every single special moment throughout the day in Kevin’s special, artistic, warm, sumptuous style.”


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Effortless Images

“He seemed to be invisible on our wedding day, yet somehow managed to produce jaw dropping photographs!”

It’s your day. Enjoy it. Every Minute

You don’t have to worry, the day is full of little moments and connections between people. Those are what create the memories They won’t be lost.

There are no “Must Have” poses, no schedule. No one looks back and wishes that they had looked at each other’s necks more. “I wish we’d stood back to back and looked at the floor.” said no groom ever. To which no bride replied “I’m glad we spent two hours away from our friends. It made the day worthwhile.”

It’s your wedding day you can feel free to go your own way, do your own thing, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be able to relive those moments and emotions again. One day sharing them with future generations who will think you were the coolest couple ever. Forget about the photography. I can take care of it.

Prep to PARTY!

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Looking for Wedding Venues in Wiltshire? I know just the place

Wiltshire and the surrounding area have some of the most attractive wedding venues. Featuring as part of the Cotswolds with its distinctive medieval stone villages; Wiltshire attracts many London wedding couples looking to get married. Choose from upmarket venues like Castle Combe where you’ll find The Manor House hotel nestled in its own private parkland, the gorgeous exclusive use Whatley Manor or the multitude of rural barns catering for all tastes and styles. From the truly rustic DIY at Wick Bottom to contemporary venues like Wellington barn with everything laid on. Across Wiltshire, we have some epic outdoor venues too. Larmer Tree Gardens has to be seen to be believed as does Abbey House Gardens in Malmesbury, both world class destinations, these outdoor venues are a wonderful gift for us photographers.

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Wiltshire, the gateway to the South West is steeped in history. Magic and mystery surround the region. It’s a fabulous place to get married. Stone circles such as Stonehenge stand on Salisbury Plain attract visitors from all over the world. You can even have a ceremony among the stones if you wish. Nearby, Avebury, a village surrounded by two rings of stones is set in the valleys and open terrain of the English countryside. The region is famous for its chalk landscape featuring white horses carved into hillsides, the most famous of which and the oldest, made over 3000 years ago, is just up the road from us in the Vale Of the White Horse at Uffington.

You can have a fabulous family celebration in Wiltshire; from its stunning landscapes with rolling farmland and beautiful historic sites managed by English Heritage and the National Trust, Wiltshire is an area of outstanding natural beauty.  Whether you have already discovered its rustic charm and ancient magical history or you have chosen Wiltshire because of its heritage sites, beautiful barns, historic stone circles and stunning countryside as a location to tie the knot, you absolutely cannot fail to be impressed by the landscapes, green open spaces and places of interest.

Wiltshire is a truly historic county where we have made our home for the last fifteen years and where I have been photographing weddings for more than ten.

The wedding car arrives at Wellington Barn

Getting Married in Wiltshire? I have you covered

From the city of Salisbury to the small historic villages which allow you to step back in time and explore the unending charm of the English culture, from heritage buildings to the beauty of the natural geographical features of peaceful parks and henges, the Wiltshire countryside will never fail to deliver that magical backdrop for your memories. That’s what you want to remember. Not the things you were asked to do but the places you were in and the people you were with.

Not all rings are made from metal. Stonehenge – a Unesco world heritage site, long believed to have been built by Druids, a group of Celtic pagans who celebrate the Solstice each year and use it as a place of worship, holding annual summer gatherings to welcome the dawn – can be used as a truly unique wedding venue.

Nearby lies the village of Avebury and, unlike Stonehenge, you can get up close and personal with the stones. It’s an ideal place for landscape photography especially early in the morning to miss the crowds.  Bring your wide-angle and telephoto zoom lenses to get the perfect pictures of this mystical and extraordinary Wiltshire village.

Wiltshire: A Stunning Location For Photography

When visiting Wiltshire make sure you bring your camera to hone your photography skills. This part of the country has many landmark sites perfect for landscape photography. From early dawn when the sun rises through the stone circles to the lakes such as the world renowned Stourhead to photograph, not only the environment but the wildlife, such as deer roaming past the Temple of Apollo. You may have already seen one of the many photos of the Palladian Bridge spanning the water there. It’s a must visit for anyone visiting Wiltshire.

Why not stop at one of the unique and unusual pubs like the Red Lion in Avebury, the only village in England that sits within twin stone circles. Share a drink with its many ghosts in the Well Room. If golf is your thing take in a round at Bowood House – another picture-perfect wedding venue with its manicured formal gardens.

Larmer Tree Gardens are open from spring until Autumn. It’s closed to visitors at the weekends so that couples can get exclusive use for their marriage ceremony and reception.

Bride and groom walking along with spacehoppers

We work with many London based couples who come here to Wiltshire because they love the romantic scenery.  People searching for gothic inspiration need look no further than Grittleton House – the village of Grittleton looks like something from Harry Potter with its stone buildings, some of the houses even have turrets.  When you plan to have your wedding in Wiltshire be prepared to fall in love with this picturesque part of the country.

Abbey House Gardens

Abbey House Gardens

A beautiful garden wedding venue in Malmsbury

The Manor House

The Manor House

5 star Country House in Castle Combe

Grittleton House

Grittleton House

A dramatic wedding venue in Grittleton, Wiltshire.

Dauntsey Park House

Dauntsey Park House

An exclusive family home in Dauntsey, Wiltshire.

Whatley Manor

Whatley Manor

A country manor hotel in Malmesbury

Wick Bottom Barn

Wick Bottom Barn

An amazing DIY barn wedding venue in the middle of nowhere

Wellington Barn

Wellington Barn

A gorgeous barn venue near Calne

Larmer Tree

Larmer Tree

Beautiful garden venue near Salisbury


An Honest, Authentic Wedding Experience

A wedding day is full of energy. Nerves, excitement, joy. happiness, cake, friends and family meeting for the first time since the last wedding, catching up and sharing their stories. You are at the heart of it and it’s an experience that rushes by in a blur. It’s your day and you can spend it any way you want. There shouldn’t be anyone there telling you what to do, or where to look. You shouldn’t have to pretend to be in love. You don’t need to be told to act natural. You don’t need someone swinging in and telling you what they’re going to do on your day. That they are going to make you look like you are having a great time. You can do that on your own.

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Enjoy every minute of your day

Maybe there’s a different way. A way that you can enjoy the day without being bothered by a photographer. A way that you can experience all that energy without feeling awkward. When you are relaxed and having fun you look fantastic. The laughter is real. You can feel the tears. The moments are shared with your loved ones, the memories will be remembered as they happened.

Your wedding should be remembered forever with images that truly bring joy to your heart

Forget the photography. I’ll take care of it. You just have the greatest day of your lives.

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