5 tips to make your wedding photos look amazing


 1. Forget About Your Photography

When you can just be yourself, spending time with your friends and family and just enjoying the day, you look fabulous. It’s these times that the best photos happen. When people are just having a great time, you’ll see all the natural connections that happen between them. People can only express their true selves when they are unaware of the camera. When you are aware that there’s a photographer around, the photos will look a little awkward.



2. Go your own way

It’s your day and you will do it only once. Don’t look back and wish you’d done something else. Of course, there will be other people that want to help and that’s great, but remember, this is a celebration of you as a couple and it’s important that you have a day that truly reflects you.

 3. Learn to let go

Don’t micro manage. Weddings tend to be fluid affairs. Timings are not ever set in stone. The only time that won’t change is when you sit down for your wedding breakfast – no-one wants the meal to go cold. Try to relax and don’t over plan. The most important thing is that everyone has a great time. When everyone else is having fun, you’ll be able to let go and join the celebration. If you’re worrying about every little detail you won’t be able to enjoy yourself and it will show.



4. Maximise the time with your guests

They’re here for you. Focus on having the best time with them. This is where all the most meaningful photos will be. The funny, the quirky, the emotional and sometimes the unexplainable. All of these come from people acting naturally with each other without a care in the world – and maybe a drink or two.

5. Take Some Time Out For Yourselves

One of the most common things I’m told when I ask couples for advice for people planning their wedding is that you should take some time out on your own. Just five or ten minutes is enough to take it all in. The day goes past in a blur so it’s important that you can just relax and experience the day as it happens.


TL:DR – Relax, be yourselves, Do it your way. Forget about the photography, don’t over think it.

Bonus tip for people who made it this far

Think about an unplugged ceremony

Nowadays people spend a lot of time staring at their phones and that can create some wonderful moments, (no really) but occasionally, (and usually during the ceremony) phones and especially iPads, and worse still iPads with big colourful covers can get in the way. Even if you don’t ban phones I would strongly suggest banning iPads and tablets from the ceremony unless it’s to keep the kids distracted.