Alternative angles

CBsewsIn our blurb on the website it says – “Carol is there to capture alternative angles on the ceremony and candid shots of the guests.” You might wonder what that means so today I thought I would share some of her images. It also helps me to have a female presence, someone who can go ahead into the bridal prep and check that everyone is decent – or at least if they aren’t, that they don’t mind me coming in. She also carries a survival kit with hairspray, lippy and a sewing kit which has come in handy on many occasions (and not always for sewing). On the right we see Ed’s best man Pete having a button sewn back on to his waistcoat before the ceremony. We’re not just there for the photography, neither of us mind getting stuck in and helping out.

“We both thought that Kevin did a fantastic job, and having his wife Carol there throughout the day was a real added bonus. She really helped calm me down and had tissues on hand when needed!”

“Kevin and Carol are brilliant! They put us at ease, coaxed gorgeous pictures from us, even helped with music and table set up dramas to make the day a stress free joy!”

So here’s a selection of the alternative angles and candids that Carol has shot this year – because it’s not all about sewing.

bath spa hotel wedding
baby at wedding
bridesmaids gifts
Military wedding reflectionsFlower girl
groom and honour guard arrive
Bride at home
Abbey House Gardens wedding photography
Abbey House Gardens wedding photography
soldiers at Military wedding
Swindon Christchurch wedding
Swindon Christchurch wedding