bride and groom kissing in the evening at Matara

Andy & Sam’s “Glastonbury” inspired wedding at Matara

I’ve been friends with Andy and Sam for a while. I met Andy at a local photography meet up with the “Swindon Strobists” in 2009 and we have been friends ever since. I was shocked and delighted when one day, last year after returning from a wedding fair I found seven missed calls from them wanting me to shoot their wedding at Matara.

Andy met Sam at Glastonbury and being the anniversary of their meeting – and also Glastonbury weekend – the wedding was Glastonbury themed. Did I mention Glastonbury? Matara is a centre of wellbeing and is a very cool place, perfect for the occasion. Andy and Sam had handmade over one thousand origami cranes which took over their house. They decorated the main hall and created a unique curtain for their guests to walk though into the wedding breakfast.

There was a unique peacock colour scheme. The bridesmaids looking beautiful in their gorgeous dresses while the ushers looked dapper in their morning suits. Of course Sam was the star of the day and looked amazing in her white dress and veil while Andy had the largest wedding ring I have ever seen which was super cool.

Wedding photography at Matara can be a little tricky at times especially when you get stuck on the wrong side of the bride and groom during the ceremony (oops!) with guests on one side and a pond on the other but readings can give an opportunity for a dash out of trouble (or so I heard). On the other hand it presents an amazing number of opportunities for amazing wedding photographs. Carol covered the view across the pond while I got up close with the couple for the ceremony.

After the ceremony we got a shot of everyone on the lawn followed by a confetti tunnel and then everyone kicked back with ice cream and drinks on the lawn. Matara is a weding venue that keeps on giving in the summer. We took Andy and Sam over to the stone spiral for some portraits. Andy had requested that we shoot with the house behind me and fields in the background rather than the usual shot with the house. I used a fish eye lens with the camera pre focused and held high on a monopod to get as much of the spiral in as possible.

The day was awesome, the food was amazing and we were so pleased to be a part of their day. I must also mention that Sam was in tears as she watched the slideshow which is always a great sign that we have done a good job. It’s fantastic to be Cotswolds wedding photographers.

Wedding dress hanging on the mirror
Bride and bridesmaids getting ready to go in the Hunter's Lodge
Bride and bridesmaids in their peacock themed dresses
Groom and best man in the cloistered garden
Wedding rings on lichen covered rocks
The groom and groomsmen laughing
The bride arrives with her bridesmaids
The bride and her father enter the cloistered garden at The Matara Centre
Dad leads his daughter, at quite a pace, through the guests to meet her groom
Wedding ceremony in the cloistered garden at Matara
The newly weds kiss
The bride and groom jump for joy
A laughing bride and groom exit the ceremony
The newly weds pause in the garden at Matara
Confetti being thrown at the happy couple
A birds eye view of the guests outside Kingscote Park House
The bride smiles as the groom licks her ice cream
A curtain of origami cranes decorated the doorway
Dad's speech
The groom's speech
The bride and groom in fits of giggles
The newly married couple dance outside Kingscote Park House
A portrait of newly weds on the stone spiral at Matara
A bride standing on a swing while the groom looks on
The bride and groom kiss in the woods
The wedding party outside the Matara Centre
A top down view of the first dance
The couple struggle to cut their cheese tower wedding cake
The bride and groom shimmy in the coisters


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