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Indian weddings are always fabulous and great fun. It’s probably a cliché to talk about the amazing colours but it’s true. They are energetic, relaxed, colourful and the food is well, just awesome. When you stage an Indian wedding at a place like Matara, one of the best Gloucestershire wedding venues it’s going to be a wedding to remember.

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Harri and Ranj were a total dream to work with. They were chilled. laid back and a joy to be around. Harri’s sister made the cake and Dad helped decorate it. I asked why there were dinosaurs on the cake as it was a tropical theme. I didn’t see the link but apparently Harri just loved dinosaurs so that was that. As I said the theme was tropical so the bridesmaids wore little slip tops and sari skirts. Unfortunately, even though it was May, it was freezing. There were two outdoor ceremonies. One civil ceremony around the Japanese pond and then a short walk to the woods for a more personal ceremony led by Harri’s sister Durga. After those we did the formal line ups around the lake. Finally the bridesmaids who had goosebumps and had turned from blue to red could get inside and warm up.

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This was the first wedding we had a tortoise as a ringbearer. Everyone loved little Ravitoto, he/she (who knows?) was carried to the couple on a cushion. In the evening everyone made paper boats to launch into the pond afer which the cake was cut and the party in the Hilarium started.

We truly love Matara it is one of our favourite wedding venues in the UK. Who couldn’t love a venue with a room called The Hilarium?

Here are 50 of the best wedding images at Matara from Harri & Ranj’s wedding.

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bridal prep at matara the indian bride getting ready tropical underwear for the groom the groom getting ready at matara the indian bride puts on her sari the bride is helped into her sari the ring bearer is a tortoise the groom and best man prepare the ring bearer decorating the cake in the hilarium the groom's sister made the wedding cake the groom puts on his tie the groomsmen open their presents of socks the groom's sister is helped into her sari the groom and groomsmen raise a glass before the ceremony dad sees his daughter and gives her a hug the indian bride and her dad head to the ceremony at matara the groom waits at the altar the bride arrives through the keyhole entrance the bride and her father approach the ceremony the bride's arrival the wedding ceremony at matara the bridesmaids give a reading in the Japanese garden the ring bearer is carried on a cushion the wedding ceremony with the bride and groom laughing signing the register the confetti walk in the japanese garden the newlyweds make their way to the woods the groom's sister performs a personal ceremony in the woods a personal ceremony in the woods a wedding in the woods at matara the bride and groom in the woods at amatara all the wedding guests on the bridge the bride hugs her father the groom is congratulated by the guests wedding guests take a selfie the wedding party in the house the bride and groom in the house at matara a bridal portrait the groom's speech in the hilarium the mother of the bride laughing the bride and groom laughing during the best man's speech the wedding guests in the cloisters the couple cut the cake A silhouette in the keyhole entrance ta matara the newlyweds pose in the keyhole The bride and groom dancing The bride and groom dancing The bride and groom dancing wedding guests dancing Bride and Groom dance at Matara

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