Hiding In Plain Sight. Authentic Wedding Photography.

People hardly notice us. We don’t set things up. We don’t work from “must have” lists. We don’t do what the venue tells us “everyone does.” We stay hidden in plain sight. It’s fairly intense for us, we work each situation and remain switched on all day. We’re always on the hunt for moments. A lot of the time our couples don’t realise we were there until they see the images. 

Authentic moments captured

We like to get in close. Really close… and still remain unseen. Most of the images I take during the day are shot on a wide angle lens. A 16mm. I need to get in close to capture the guests connections and expressions. The images take you into the heart of the conversation. To be there. To feel what it was like. To see how people felt. I need to be right up close with them so I can take you in too. To do that I need to be invisible… and fast. If I stay too long in a moment people will look at me or look at the camera. Or worse, start to talk to me. Or even worse give a thumbs up and a grin.

We’ve built up methods of not being noticed over the years. Experience, confidence and friendliness. When we’re busted we can have a laugh and move on. The best images are the authentic ones of people interacting, being natural, laughing, crying, having a great time and the best ones put you in the middle feeling what they feel.

So we have to get up close and personal it’s the only way.

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Close up of bride getting into her dress Emotional, crying bride with guest The bride is laughing as her bridesmaids do her hair A child lays on the floor wearing a big muppet head Bridesmaids laughing and doing their hair The bride looks surprised and happy to see a friend The groom and best man struggling to open a magnum of champagne The bride and best man dancing. The bride is playing an inflatable guitarGranddad talks to one of the ushers The groom wipes tears away with a huge napkin A bridesmaid wearing heart shaped sunglasses bounces on a spacehopper A magician reveals the card tattooed on his arm while the bride and groom look amazed and laugh A magician does a card trick while two guests look on wedding guests look back as the bride arrives The bride laughs as her bridesmaid pretends to tell her a secret The bride shares an intimate moment with one of the flower girls Chris Fordham makes some final adjustments to the bridesmaids haor The father of the bride adjusts his tie in the mirror A close up of the bride having eye liner applied The ushers ironing their trousers The bride hugs her cousin Cutting the wedding cake Wedding guests rejoice as they win at beer pong

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