Bailbrook House wedding – Roxáne and Barnaby

Roxáne & Barnaby booked a “Just the two of us” wedding at Bailbrook House. As it turned out “just the two of us” turned into “just the nine of us” plus us two. Bailbrook House is a beautiful historic manor house hotel in Bath. We are one of the few handpicked, recommended suppliers for Bailbrook House wedding photography so if you are planning a wedding at Bailbrook House please get in touch.

Bailbrook House wedding photography

We spent a couple of hours with Roxáne and Barnaby as it was such a small, intimate wedding but we still managed to get some fabulous wedding images even in the rain.

Roxáne & Barnaby didn’t have a traditional wedding. They were both together when we arrived but in separate rooms so as to avoid seeing each other. While Roxáne was having her hair and makeup done Barnaby managed to slip out to greet his family who were determined that it would be more than the two of them. Once Roxáne was ready Barnaby met her at the bottom of the stairs and they entered the ceremony together. Once the ceremony was complete the family gathered for photos and then left so that the newly weds could spend some time together. The weather wasn’t all it could have been so we were forced to stay inside for the most part but Bailbrook House has a gorgeous interior so it really wasn’t a problem. People sometimes ask if we have a backup plan for a rainy day. We don’t have a backup plan for any kind of day. Your day is your day – rain, sun, snow or all three (like we had recently) – and we shoot it as it happens. That way you get to remember everything that happened on your day

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Here are my favourites let me know what you think in the comments –

Bailbrook House Wedding
Groom portrait
Bride looking in the mirror at Bailbrook House
The bride coming down the stairs at Bailbrook House, Bath
The groom hugs his bride
The wedding ceremony at Bailbrook House, Bath
The bride and groom kiss
The newlyweds share an intimate moment
The bride sat on a chair
The bride and groom reflected in a mirror

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