Adventures in Wedding Photography

Hi there, welcome to our wedding photography blog. Here we share our favourite weddings, engagement shoots and other wedding related things. If you would like to see more wedding images you can see featured weddings here or view our wedding gallery here.

Posing the girls

“I would like some natural shots, nothing too posed and plenty of our friends enjoying themselves and having fun.”

Posing. Everyone wants to look good but no-one wants to be posed – or so they think. I always explain to my couples that I do pose people but I pose them in a natural way. I truly believe that the wedding photography is a big part of the wedding day experience and everyone wants to look good – -and natural.

I have been working on my posing. Training and learning new techniques is all part of my job and all part of my service to my clients. I need to maintain my fitness and ensure that I deliver the best possible images. I do shoot posed portraits as well as candid moments so it’s important to have my skills up to date. This way we can breeze through the portraits and have fun doing it. As I said the photography is part of the wedding day experience and it should make your wedding more wonderful. It’s the day that the bride is the most beautiful girl in the room and every girl wants to be her so her photography should help make that come true.

I often arrange shoots with models and make up artists, especially in the quieter winter months but models learn how to pose – sometimes a little too much – and I need to be able to pose a real woman who has never been photographed professionally before and make her feel great. I need images that future brides can put themselves in and think “That could be me.” With that in mind I offered to shoot my wife Carol, her best friend Tracey and Tracey’s daughter Charlotte. That way I could practice women, girls and groups -which translates into brides, mothers of brides, bridesmaids, flower girls and families. This all goes towards making your wedding day that little bit more fabulous.

Here are some of the results from our session. We didn’t have any hair and make up artists, or stylists. The girls did their own. Carol loves her shots and I’m sure Tracey and Charlotte will too.

Posing for women

Carol -top and Tracey

Wiltshire Children photograher


Stunning Wiltshire wedding venues, Bristol wedding venues and Gloucestershire wedding venues.

Here’s a quick video of some of the amazing Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Bristol wedding venues , brides and grooms we shot last year. Included are weddings at Abbey House Gardens, the beautiful Lainston House, Burcombe Manor near Salisbury, Tetbury Church, the awe inspiring Westonbirt School, the picturesque Kingscote Barn, a Hindu wedding at Stanton Manor, gorgeous Bowood and in and around the modern, urban Riverstation, Bristol. I’m looking forward to shooting some of these again this year along with some new fabulous wedding venues to add to my collection.

It is full HD 1080 so full screen looks awesome. Hint.

UPDATE 2015 – As this video was old (2012) I have replaced it with a current slideshow.
There’s still some of those gorgeous venues above and more.

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”0Jn0nQEBTUU?rel=0″ width=”960″ height=”640″ anchor=””]
Music “Perfect Kiss” by Marie Hines

bride and groom posing for night time portrait at riverstation, bristol

Award winning wedding photogaphy

I am delighted to share my award winning wedding photography images from 2012. I’m sure that my couples love that they have award winning images in their albums. Hopefully 2013 will bring a few more for some special people.

Wiltshire wedding photographer
Bristol wedding
Stanton Manor weddings
Tetbury Weddings

Pandora – A vintage wedding photography shoot

Even as a wedding photographer I like to tell stories with my images. Either in a single image like this or in a series of images. My influences include the great Annie Leibowitz and Gregory Crewdson along with fantastic image makers like Dave Hill and Joel Grimes. I try to put some of that into my creative wedding photography while still appealing to brides and this I think helps to define my dramatic wedding photography style.

Recently I organised a photoshoot with a large team of people including Katy Pheiffer, Perfect Day Bridal Rooms, iDesign Jewellery, five gorgeous models – Ella, Katherine, Sarah, Andrew and Lewis, Michele Jetzer from Riverstation and My Wedding Workshop, and Evolution Floristry. We shot at the Manor by the Lake in Cheltenham.

Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and in a week that consisted of bright sunny days and fluffy clouds we had freezing rain and snow. Luckily our brave girls were able to brave the elements in between showers so we did get some fabulous outdoor shots (The guys had suits on so had a little more protection).

I organise these types of shoots a few times a year with suppliers that I meet at wedding fairs. It’s fantastic to work with other Wiltshire wedding suppliers and everyone gets some images that they can use.

I wanted to have a theme running through the shoot and although I had to make sure that we got enough shots for all of our collaborators I also made sure that I got enough to tell the story my way.


Prometheus was not popular with the gods. He had upset Zeus by stealing fire and generally siding with humans. Prometheus had a brother – Epimetheus. Prometheus warned Epimetheus not to accept gifts from the gods but Zeus was very cunning. He had Pandora created to be the first woman on Earth and gave her to Epimetheus as his bride. She carried a box with her and had been told not to open it. Epimetheus was given the key.

One day when Epimetheus was away Pandora opened the box. Zeus was surprised as he had expected Epimetheus to open it. There were many bad things in the box which were let loose upon the world and Pandora tried to close it quickly but it was too late. As she closed the box she noticed that there was one thing left inside. This was not a bad thing but was Elpis the spirit of Hope.

So remember although we normally associate Pandora with releasing, greed, jealousy and all the rest – she also brought hope to the world.

Below is my abstract telling of this story:
Vintage wedding Photographer
Vintage wedding photographer
Vintage wedding style
Vintage wedding photographers
Hope remains.

5 Interesting Wedding Trends For 2013

There is a great deal of style involved in planning a wedding, and this means that there are naturally trends to be observed in wedding planning. From popular outfits and decorations, to food items and venues, wedding trends often change from year to year, and can provide you with some great ideas for your own wedding. So without further ado, here are five interesting wedding trends for 2013.

1. Creative Food Options

The key word here is actually “options,” rather than “creative.” While most people are familiar with broad choices, such as chicken or fish, at a wedding, more and more couples are offering smaller, more varied selections instead. The idea is that if you offer gourmet finger food (small baked goods, sandwiches, tacos, etc.) instead of large entrees, your guests will be more able to find and enjoy what they like. Improving selection while keeping quality high is always a great choice!

2. 1920’s Style

The 1920’s are extremely popular in entertainment and culture these days, as evidenced by a number of examples. Popular shows like Boardwalk Empire and Downton Abbey cover this era, and the upcoming Great Gatsby film looks to be a strong endorsement for the glitz and glamour of the period. And, because we tend to associate this glamour with spectacular parties, why not implement it in planning your wedding? Whether in your style of dress or decoration, a 1920’s theme can make your wedding grand and uniquely romantic all at once.

3. Bridesmaid Dress Variety

It has become increasingly popular to offer bridesmaids a choice in picking dresses. Of course, you will likely still want some uniformity between your bridesmaids – which is why many weddings are using a single colour, but multiple styles for bridesmaids’ dresses. This allows the bridesmaids to have some fun picking dresses, and to flatter themselves as individuals while still appearing as a bridal party. So, whether you are dress shopping at the nearest wedding shop or Marks and Spencer, keep this trend in mind.

4. Mint Colour

It may seem strange to highlight a simple colour as a wedding trend, but the bottom line is that mint is showing up everywhere. Whether in bridesmaids’ dresses, floral displays, reception tablecloths, the cake, or other decorations, it seems that a light, refreshing mint green is a new staple of stylish weddings. There’s no need to go overboard with the use of the colour, but if you’re looking for light and easy style trends, this one is certainly worth remembering.

5. Weekend Weddings

Finally, there is also a broad trend toward weekend weddings. This tends to be most appropriate for destination weddings, but the idea is that it extends celebration. Often during a typical wedding the bride and groom are so busy with ceremonies (and each other) that they can barely visit with the friends and family who came to see the marriage. A weekend wedding allows you more time to relax and enjoy your friends and loved ones during this special time in your life.

Matara with Andy and Sam

On Saturday we went for a look around the Matara Centre with Andy and Sam. They are getting married in June and wanted to have a look round and plan their wedding photography at Matara. I haven’t been to Matara before but only passed it on the way to shoot weddings at Kingscote Barn. The Matara Centre is a wonderful place with loads of great opportunities for creative wedding photography. There are Japanese style gardens, small lakes, stone circles and wooded areas. I’m excited to be shooting there.

Andy is a photographer as well so has definite ideas about what he wants but that’s great. It’s nice to be able to work with a couple that know what they want as it pushes me creatively. I love wedding photography because I have to be a fashion photographer, a product photographer, a journalist and a landscape photographer many times in one day.

Here’s a few photographs of Matara. I’m sure it will look beautiful in the summer.

Matara Wedding photographers
Matara Wedding photographer
Matara Wedding photography
Matara Wedding photographer

The wedding is in the details

Where do you go to get inspiration for your wedding? Do you look in magazines and online blogs? Do you see those wonderful real life weddings? Would you like your wedding to be in a magazine or have your photography featured on a blog? If you would like people to “ohh and aah” over your wedding then it’s all about the details. Magazines and blogs love details. Magazines especially want lots of detail shots, dresses, flowers, car, tables, cake and jewellery.

..and then some.

I see a lot of weddings and I really love the ones that dare to be different. Below are some of my favourite detail shots from last year.

The Dress
wiltshire wedding photographer

The Shoes
wiltshire wedding photography

wiltshire wedding photographers

wiltshire wedding photographer

Not forgetting the groom
wiltshire wedding photographers

and the rings (don’t forget the rings)
wiltshire wedding photographers

Wedding car
wiltshire wedding photography

Table decorations
wiltshire wedding photography

wiltshire wedding photographer

Incidentals that help to tell your wedding story
wiltshire wedding photographers

It all adds up.

One last thing to think about. If the magazines and blogs love the wedding details then please don’t leave them out of the album. You may be limited on space but these little things really add to your wedding story. When you look back on the album in years to come or your children do or the grandkids, they will love the fact that you put these details in and it may give them inspiration for their wedding. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Fairy Tale Winter Wedding Photography

Winter weddings are beautiful. I’m looking out from the office on a snow covered Wiltshire. Reading the news you would think that we have never had snow before. When we went to the Co-op the other night panic buying had cleared the shelves of all bread and all of the milk. I love the snow and I love winter weddings. OK it can be cold and sometimes it can rain but we also get gorgeous low winter sun and we get to shoot in the dark with lights, something that doesn’t happen in the summer. If you are thinking of a winter wedding then I would recommend it.

This year I’m excited to have a Christmas wedding – something we didn’t have last year. So let’s celebrate the winter wedding. It can look like a fairy tale.

Still not convinced? Have a look at our beautiful winter wedding images below. Wiltshire has some fabulous wedding venues. All these were shot on freezing cold days and some of those brides even have wellies on.

Faringdon Folly
Winter bride and groom
Church in the snow
Rectory Crudwell bride
Rectory Hotel wedding
Snow in Wiltshire
Winter Bristol bride
Riverstation Bristol wedding
Stanton Manor Wedding
Savernake Wiltshire Winter Frost

Riverstation Bristol wedding photography wins excellence award

It’s not the Golden Globes but even small wins are pretty cool. The image below of Marcus and Kelly’s Riverstation wedding was given an award for excellence recently. As it was Autumn the sky was dark early and it let me get the lights out. I stood outside while Marcus and Kelly posed on the stairs and tried to translate my hand signals.


One of my favourite images of the year of Jules and her bridesmaids was also awarded earlier in the year. Taken outside Tetbury Church, Jules and her father walk towards the entrance followed by her bridesmaids. If you look closely you can just make out Carol rushing ahead to get to the door first.


Dhreen & Jemma’s amazing wedding – Stanton Manor wedding photography

We ended the year on a high with wedding photography at Stanton Manor for Dhreen and Jemma’s dazzling civil and Hindu wedding. It was a full on day with loads going on. The bride had two amazing dresses and was beautifully made up as you can see below. After the wedding breakfast it was all change with Dhreen getting dressed in an amazing traditional outfit for a procession with Dhol drummers around the garden before the beautiful Hindu wedding ceremony. Stanton Manor did a fabulous job with the most amazing food.

Dhreen and Jemma had chosen a large frame for outside the event to welcome their guests which we shot for their engagement photography in Cardiff.

It was definitely one of our favourite weddings of the year and I’m glad to say they both loved the wedding pictures.

Here’s some of the highlights.

Weddings at Stanton Manor
Stanton Manor wedding photography
Stanton Manor Wedding
Stanton Manor Wedding Photographer
Stanton Manor Wedding Photographers
Wiltshire Wedding Photographers
Stanton Manor Wedding
Stanton Manor Wedding venue
wiltshire wedding venue
Stanton Manor Wedding Bride
Stanton Manor Wedding