Adventures in Wedding Photography

Hi there, welcome to our wedding photography blog. Here we share our favourite weddings, engagement shoots and other wedding related things. If you would like to see more wedding images you can see featured weddings here or view our wedding gallery here.

Bridal trains

A couple of weeks ago I got together with a local bridal shop “Gowns of Distinction” and arranged a vintage wedding photography shoot for them at the STEAM museum here in Swindon.

I had an awesome team of Make-up artists Jenni Thomas and Hannah McGregor, Stylist Cerianne Pidgeon and models Jean Rae, Marina Dean-Francis and modelling the communion gown, Cerianne’s sister Harley.

STEAM is a fantastic place and I didn’t know but they are a licensed wedding venue and can hold up to 750 guests. I could have shot in there for a week but we were up against time and only had the morning to complete the shoot. We were shown around by Ian Surtees the commercial manager and given the largest dressing room ever, the whole Great Western Hall.

I got to use my new battery pack so I could take my studio lighting along. I think I’m gonna need a bigger boom though as the one I have is slightly alarming at full stretch. Being able to take the big light out on location is just brilliant. I have used it a couple of times now and apart from the wind knocking it over once it is just awesome to have power over the sun.

I think we confused some people by photographing two brides and no groom (we did get asked where he was) and surprised others when they got into a carriage with a wedding photography shoot in full swing. But we managed to stay out of the way for the most part and we got some amazing photos.

Sarah took out a full page ad in the Swindon Advertiser and used some of the shots which was excellent and STEAM will be using some for their wedding brochure which is ace

Hope you like the photos as much as I do…

Sean and Kate in The New Forest

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting Sean and Kate at the Balmer Lawn Hotel in The New Forest. They were a great couple to work with and the weather was fantastic. I hope you like the shots as much as I do as they will be going into my sample album.

Spring in the air

Yay! Spring is here and before the gales and downpour of April “showers” I managed to get out for some creative location portrait photography with the very lovely Aneta this week and get down and dirty in the daffs. The sun even blessed us for a bit which was fantastic and by the look of the weather out of the window and the dripping from my garage roof we were lucky.

Hope you love them as much as I do.


Four hundred and sixty four.

I heard that no-one knows how many fish are in the sea because they are hard to count. The problem is that they are invisible and they move around a lot. Logan is right on the edge of turning from baby to toddler. He can pull himself up, stand and take about four steps. He can also say “Daddy” much to his mother’s delight. Unlike fish you can see him. Like fish he moves around a lot. I can count the number of photos I took in our shoot on Saturday. The number is there at the top.

I was planning on doing a location shoot but ended up shooting in the studio as it was raining. Inspiration from Julia Boggio made me empty the “sheet and curtains” chest so that we could fill it up with baby and toys. Louise and Antony had also Googled and found an idea of having Logan stood between Antony’s legs.

Being a baby photographer is hard work. You have to be switched on all the time while they do their thing and can only break when they take a monster munch and milk break.

Personally I love the results and I know Louise and Antony do too.

Beautiful Brides

Some photographers I have known have only wanted to shoot “good looking” couples. In my experience all brides look beautiful.

Turn to the left..Fashion..Beep Beep.

I work with a clothing designer Bobafrique every now and again. A few weeks ago he contacted me as he had a new collection on the catwalk for London Fashion Week. The collection was called ButterFLY Heaven. It was a new direction for him as, for the first time, there was a women’s line included. I think that the clothes are awesome and he has really surpassed himself this time.

Initially we had a location shoot for the menswear followed by a studio shoot for womenswear and some additional men’s outfits. The outdoor shoot was a real challenge as we had gale force winds and rain and we had to abandon the lighting when I thought my assistant was going to do a “Mary Poppins” and fly off.

Once fashion week is done we are going off to shoot some editorial concept stuff which is my most favourite as it allows such creative freedom.

Click here and head over to Bobby’s site where you can see some behind the scenes shots from both shoots.

Hope you like them…

Love Art Forever

OK so it’s 2011 and so far we’re off to a great start. I’ve really got a buzz about this year. There’s not enough hours in the day and I’m working really hard. There’s a lot of exciting stuff happening this year and you can follow it as it happens right here.

First, welcome to my new blog. “Love.Art.Forever”. My name is Kevin Belson and I am a professional wedding photographer based in Wiltshire. I expect you have heard the usual “relaxed, informal, contemporary” style. Well I would say that my style is certainly modern and I like to direct shots but that doesn’t mean that I’ll be all over you at your wedding. What it does mean that I will be there, mostly in the background but also directing when necessary to ensure that your photographs are the best they can be. Your photographs will stay with you for the rest of your lives and will be handed down from generation to generation. I’m not there to record the day. I am there to make sure that we turn the LOVE into ART that will live FOREVER (see?).

Why choose me for your big day? I’m forever being inspired by other people’s work. Not just photographers but graffiti artists, architects, designers artists and more. I am forever evolving, every shoot is better than the last. But photography is only half the story. The rest is in the detail. The service the extras, the personality. I show every picture. I personally deliver every album. When you choose your album and I design it, it is a part of me that I give away. You  could say that you become one of the Kevin Belson Owners Club. It’s very exclusive.

I’m going to start with an oldie and we’ll take it from there. Over the next few weeks I’ll bring you up to date. It won’t all be weddings but we’ll start with one. This is Chris and Annette just over a year ago. They got married at Clearwell Castle. A beautiful location in the Forest Of Dean. As you can see the weather was (mostly) glorious with only a slight downpour when we went outside for the group shots. It didn’t last thankfully and everyone had a fantastic day.