Merriscourt Wedding Photographer – Laura & Nick

I was on my own for Laura & Nick’s gorgeous Cotswolds wedding. It was my first time as a Merriscourt wedding photographer and it’s quite a large complex so my first issue was finding where to park. Once that was done I had to find the wedding party. The place looked deserted. Luckily I bumped into a staff member who showed me the way. Laura was in the middle of bridal prep which is probably my favourite part of the day.

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newlyweds emerge from the church

Cowley Manor Wedding Photography

I always like to ask our clients to tell me about their day. I am a Cowley Manor wedding photographer rather than a creative writer so to make my life easier and to make a more personal story I’ll let Karina tell you about their Cowley Manor Wedding. It’s much more interesting to hear about the day from her perspective than mine. Unusually for a blog, I’m going to show the photography first and then put her words in after. It’s quite lengthy you see, and well worth the time to read but you might not get to the photos if I just paste it here. So settle in for a long read and see their beautiful Cowley Manor wedding photography.

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