Bridal portraits

Up close : Elmore Court wedding photography

I love to get up close and mingle with the guests at a wedding. To really get in the mix because that way you can really see what your guests were feeling. How much they enjoyed the day and all the little quirky things that they do. Weddings generally follow a certain format; they flow the same way. The thing that makes a wedding unique is the couple and the guests so I like to get right in the middle so that I can show the uniqueness in each wedding day. Joe and Sarah chose a beautiful wedding venue in Gloucestershire – Elmore Court – for their wedding.

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A back & white portrait of the bride and groom under the hull

A most excited bride and a unique wedding venue

All I could hear was giggling coming from behind the door and shouts of “We’re not ready!” as I arrived. I had to wait in the kitchen where I could see the venue. Are you looking for a unique wedding venue in the South West? Latifé & Andrew chose a beautiful one of a kind wedding venue. It “floats” within walking distance of their home.

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The happy couple are showered with confetti

Clevedon Hall wedding photographers – Charlie & Amanda

Charlie is a bell ringer for St. George’s Church, Easton in Gordano. Carol is afraid of heights so she was a little nervous when he announced that he was going to be ringing the bells for his wedding. She braved it out and went up the tower and photographed him and the other bell ringers doing their thing before Amanda arrived in the car. We were excited to be Clevedon Hall wedding photographers as we hadn’t been there before and it’s a beautiful venue. We be back for another fabulous, if a little colder, Clevedon Hall wedding in January. Can’t wait.

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