Clevedon Hall wedding photographers – Charlie & Amanda

Charlie is a bell ringer for St. George’s Church, Easton in Gordano. Carol is afraid of heights so she was a little nervous when he announced that he was going to be ringing the bells for his wedding. She braved it out and went up the tower and photographed him and the other bell ringers doing their thing before Amanda arrived in the car. We were excited to be Clevedon Hall wedding photographers as we hadn’t been there before and it’s a beautiful venue. We be back for another fabulous, if a little colder, Clevedon Hall wedding in January. Can’t wait.

Clevedon Hall wedding Photography

Charlie and Amanda arrived at Clevendon Hall in a beautiful Jaguar MK2. The cars are run by Charlie’s cousin Emma and her husband Andy. We’ve photographed their cars a few times. They really are gorgeous. We were blessed with the weather, it was a glorious day topped off with a beautiful seaside sunset.

Drinks were served on the lawn while we photographed the family line ups. One of the things we get asked the most is if we take the family shots and of course we do. We tend not to put them on our website though as they are personal to the couple and a record of the day rather than anything that we would put in our wedding photography portfolio. While the guests were sipping their drinks and eating the canapes we took Charlie and Amanda off for a few portraits before heading back to the house for the cake cutting and speeches.

It was a fantastic day, full of joy and all about family and close friends. Here are a few of our favourites. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, we would love to hear from you.

The grooms cufflinks showing a map of Clevedon The wedding dress in the window The wedding cars The bride checks her hair out in the mirror The bride in her dress The groom ringing the church bells The bride arrives in a Jaguar The bride and her father on the steps of the church The bridesmaids in church in a pool of light The happy couple are showered with confetti Clevedon Hall wedding photographers The bride and Groom in the swing chair The newly weds reflected in a lake The bride and groom outside Clevedon Hall Guests partying Wedding guests partying Wedding guests taking a selfie with the bride Wedding guests partying at Clevedon Hall