Wiltshire Countryside wedding photography – Amy & John

“This is where the marquee is going and we are going to arrive on a tractor, probably set to music, through that gate you can see over there.” I looked across the fields and imagined what a beautiful countryside wedding this would be. Standing in the garden Amy explained her plans, they were going to build steps up from the field to the garden where the marquee would look out across Wiltshire. All the guests would be seated on straw bales as they greeted the newlyweds and drank champagne. That was the plan anyway.

Wiltshire Wedding Photography

The weather had other ideas.

In the morning John and his international set of groomsmen got ready in Chippenham. Unfortunately the best man’s waistcoat was 3 sizes too big, probably due to the transatlantic translation and so there was a slightly worried call to the tailor who dispatched a hurried replacement. The day was saved.

Amy and her bridesmaids were calm but busy with makeup, hair, prosecco and nibbles. Once Amy had slipped into her dress (and Mum had sewn on her belt) it was off the the church.

St Cyriac’s church in Lacock is a beautiful place to get married. The vicar was totally lovely too and allowed me to go wherever I wanted to get the best photographs. Wedding photographers are always grateful when this happens and it’s unusual to have such freedom, so although in the heat of the moment I didn’t get his name I would like to thank him publicly.

Lacock Wedding

After the ceremony and confetti tunnel a gleaming red tractor was waiting for Amy and John to travel back to the house across the fields. Lacock is a very touristy village so a big crowd had also gathered to watch the couple leave. When we got out of the village and into the fields the weather decided that it was time to rain. Poor Granddad had to drive in the wet but luckily we had an umbrella for Amy & John. The big entrance didn’t quite go to plan either. One of the guests, camping in the next field, tried to drive through the gate at the same time as the newlyweds so there was a bit of a jam. A few hardy guests braved the rain to welcome the bride and groom as they raced inside to the dry.

This was more than just a wedding it was a big family reunion. John’s family are spread out across the world so they only get to see each other on big family occasions like this. It makes the day more special when everyone gets to catch up and share stories. Even the speeches were emotional as the top table, old friends spread around the globe and brought back together caught up and shared their memories.

The party went on late into the night and I stayed late to capture as much as I could. I love being a Wiltshire wedding photographer. It’s a beautiful place with many great wedding venues but when you have a special wedding like this, at home with a large family it’s hard to beat.

Groomsmen getting the groom reaqdy The groom puts on his suit Lacock wedding photography The groom phones the tailor for the best man's waistcoat The bride at home pours champagne The bride's sister getting ready and laughing The bride has makeup done The bride getting into her dress Wiltshire wedding photography The vicar waits outside St Cyriacs church in Lacock The groom and usher in the church The bride walks down the aisle with her father The first kiss The bride and groom celebrate getting married Wiltshire wedding photography signing the register in Lacock The bride and groom walk out of the church A guest throws confetti The bride's sister blows confetti from her hair The bride and groom leave the church on a tractor The bride and groom leave the church on a tractor and wave at guests The bride and groom travel to the reception on a tractor The wedding tractor The newlyweds arrive at the garden marquee The couple clink glasses The bride talks to her grandmother Older wedding guests laughing The bride gives her grandfather a bottle of whiskey Wedding guests talking and laughing Wedding guests talking and laughing Wedding guests talking and laughing Wedding guests looking at the table plan The bride's sister gives a speech The bride laughs at the groom's speech The top table toast the bride and groom A flash mob band is formed to serenade the bride and groom A flash mob band serenades the bride and groom The newlyweds cut the cake Guests laughing The first dance at a countryside wedding The first dance in the marquee at a countryside wedding The bands singer wedding guests dancing in the marquee a close up of wedding guests dancing in the marquee wedding guests dancing in the marquee wedding guests dancing in the marquee Wiltshire wedding photography

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