Dewsall Court wedding – Paddy & Ness

Paddy & Ness had their Dewsall Court wedding at the end of April. Big thanks to Marcus at Bigeye Photography for recommending us. Marcus was one of Paddy’s two best men so couldn’t shoot the wedding himself. Was it weird having another great photographer watching us? Not really. Maybe. Sometimes. No. Not really.

Dewsall Court really is a hidden gem of a wedding venue. Self contained, exclusive use, beautiful house and gardens and importantly has a lovely wedding co-ordinator – Jade. Jade was very calm and helpful throughout the day which really makes our lives much easier.

The whole day was laid back and relaxed with lots of love and whiskey. More whiskey than I have ever seen in one place. Maybe it looked more because it was constantly on the move being looked after by Tom who never let it out of his sight. If you need someone to care for your whiskey you couldn’t ask for a more attentive custodian. As well as whiskey there was plenty of snooker. The boys played all morning with a break for a wedding ceremony and food then back to the table in the evening.

The girls spent the morning locked in the bridal suite getting ready. Ness was totally cool and relaxed all morning and when the time came, slipped into her dress before Dad arrived to take her down. Bridal prep is probably my favourite part of the day. There’s so much going on it’s hard not to take amazing images.

After the wedding breakfast the boys were back at the snooker table for some frames after which the girls took over before everyone headed down to rip it up on the dance floor.

If you are having your wedding at Dewsall Court or anywhere else on the planet and want us to come and work our magic on your big day then please get in touch. We would love to be invited.

Ceremony area at Dewsall Court
Wedding rings
Best man playing snooker
Bride sat on bed with mother
Bride gives mother a wedding day present
Wedding dress hanging up
Bride having her make up
Backlit hairspray in bridal prep
Bridesmaid applying her makeup
Best man trying on his suit
Groom reading a message from his bride
Groom having his cufflinks done up
Reflection of groom in front of the window
Best man with different socks on
Black and white image of groomsmen
Black and white image of grooms brother having his tie done
Close up of brides face in black and white
Bride having her makeup finished
Close up of bride ready for ceremony
Image of bridesmaid reflected in mirror
Black and white close up of bride with veil
Black and white image of bride and her father walking to ceremony
Close up of groom putting on brides wedding ring
Black and white image of family in library
Confetti shot of couple kissing outside
Bride laughing with her bridesmaids
Full length shot of bride and groom in gardens
Groom doing his speech
Best man holding 'Making a Wedding Speech' book
Bride and groom cutting the cake
Black and white image of the men playing snooker
Black and white image of groom and his groomsmen around snooker table
Bride on snooker table surrounded by her girls
Bride and her girls playing snooker
Black and white image of bride dancing
Bride and groom dancing

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