Engagement photography

We offer an engagement or pre-wedding shoot with every wedding and as it’s the time of year when we start to meet couples and shoot their pre-wedding photography I thought it would be a good time to share some of my favourite images from past sessions.

We have shot all across the UK from Cardiff to London and I love doing it as it gives me time to experiment and try new techniques and it keeps me sharp. It also allows our couples to see themselves, shot by a professional photographer, possibly for the first time.

I was asked by a bride recently why I am a wedding photographer and what I love about it. The answer is – I love to work with real people to create art. Couples that aren’t used to being in front of a camera and are nervous and awkward can be transformed. There’s no need to worry what is going to happen on your wedding day because you already have the reassurance of having been through it all before. You also know what you look like in a photograph so that will give you confidence.

On the wedding day there is a lot going on so you won’t notice us much anyway. We’ll only step in when necessary and we work really quickly to get those amazing portraits that we love.

“We were nervous about the pre-wedding shoot but it was a great way to meet and feel a bit more relaxed in front of the camera”

“Neither myself or my partner feel overly comfortable in front of the camera but we were soon put at ease and actually began to enjoy ourselves!”

“The pre-wedding shoot is a great idea as we were unsure what to expect”

So can you see who was nervous and who was confident? Hopefully not but feel free to leave us some comments below and have a look at our client galleries. You can see the engagement shoot and the full wedding for some of our 2014 wedding couples. If you are getting married and feel inspired then please contact us. Dates are disappearing fast so get in touch today.

Engaged couple
Silhouette in Clifton
couple at botom of stairs in canary wharfe
Avebury pre-wedding photography
Engagement in Bath
Bristol wedding photographer
bristol engaged couple
Engagemed couple in Portchester castle
Engaged couple at Clifton suspension bridgeEngaged couple in Bristol
engaged couple under bridge
engaged couple in New Forest, Hampshire
oh rightdid you know about spnges
savernake pre-wedding photography
Engaged couple pre wedding photography at Stourhead gardens