A most excited bride and a unique wedding venue

All I could hear was giggling coming from behind the door and shouts of “We’re not ready!” as I arrived. I had to wait in the kitchen where I could see the venue. Are you looking for a unique wedding venue in the South West? Latifé & Andrew chose a beautiful one of a kind wedding venue. It “floats” within walking distance of their home.

It’s traditional that the groom spends the night alone. This dates back to the days of arranged marriages when the parents didn’t want either party fleeing the wedding after clapping eyes on the other. And so it became unlucky to see your partner the night before the wedding. Of course it’s not unlucky but we all love tradition.

Once the crowds had gone Latifé could arrive. All the guests were hurried from the Weather Deck down to the Promenade Deck for the ceremony. If you are looking for a unique, characterful wedding venue then the SS Great Britain is perfect. It’s exclusive and beautiful.

In the First Class Dining Saloon Eric tried to keep it together for his best man’s speech but emotions overcame him and had to be comforted by Latifé’s hugs.

It was a glorious day, perfect weather, joy and laughter. They danced the night away as we headed home.

The SS Great Britain. A unique Bristol wedding venue An excited bride The groom and best man arrive at the SS Great Britain The bride gets ready at home The groom hugs a flower girl Guests watch as a visitor climbs the rigging at the SS Great Britain The bride arrives The bride and bridesmaids arrive with the SS Great Britain in the background The wedding ceremony Exchanging rings Guests on the weather deck A back & white portrait of the bride and groom under the hull The bride laughing and clapping The bride's speech The best man's speech Cutting the wedding cake The first dance wedding guests dancing

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