Family Lifestyle Photography in Wiltshire

I was recently commissioned for a family lifestyle photography session for a special birthday present. Unknown to me Grandma wasn’t told about her present until the morning of the shoot. This was to ensure that she didn’t stress about it. I can’t tell you how many times I get told that “I hate having my photo taken”, “I’m not photogenic” or similar. When I hear this we start off with a chat over a coffee to break the ice, then we warm up with a few photos that usually turn out to be some of the best family photos taken on the day.

There’s definitely a structure to a photo shoot and it is designed to allow you to relax and have fun. Enjoying the experience means that the photos will be much better and you will get images that you love.

As I said above Grandma was kept in the dark about the shoot so that she didn’t worry about it. After the shoot had finished I received this in my inbox –

“You made choosing extremely difficult with so many wonderful shots. We all thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and your wife and I can almost see where I am beginning to relax and make the most of that wonderful day. You did a splendid job and now I can’t wait to see the finished product. I consider myself an extremely blessed Mother and Grandmother to have warranted such a gift.”

Family lifestyle photography and of course wedding photography is hard work but it feels like the best job in the world when you are making people happy.

Family Photography in Wiltshire and the UK