Frequently Asked Questions

These are the usual questions that get asked. If you have any other questions then please feel free to get in touch

Q. Do you take photos of the family groups?
A. Yes. The family images are important and everyone wants to see themselves at their best. I usually start a little after the ceremony when everyone is together. I work quickly so that everyone can get back to enjoying themselves as soon as possible.

a wedding group photo

Q. How many photographers do we get?
A. As standard I include myself. You can add an additional photographer for an extra charge.

kevin belson

Q. What time do you arrive and what time do you stay until?
A. I arrive at the time I’ve agreed with you (or a little before) – this is usually a couple of hours ahead of the ceremony – and leave once I’m done. Usually a little after the first dance. I can stay on for longer if required so if you’re having fireworks or just want drunken shenanigans, just let me know.

Q. How do you edit the photos?
A. What you see in the wedding gallery is what you get. Black & White and colour.

wedding car

Q. How many images to we get?
A. In the full package you will get around 500 fully edited, full-resolution images, usually a few more. Limited packages vary.

wedding guests

Q. Can we see all the images, even the unedited ones?
A. No. In the same way that a film maker wouldn’t release the raw footage or a writer doesn’t publish their notes, we don’t release the rejected images. Images don’t make the cut for various reasons and in order to maintain an extremely high standard of delivered products, the rejects are not made available. Not ever.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes. I am fully insured. Sometimes venues need proof and if requested I will provide it.

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Q. How far in advance do you need payment?
A. The booking fee is payable immediately with the balance due 30 days in advance of the wedding.

Q. Who owns the copyright of the images?
A. I retain the copyright of the images but allow you non-commercial use. This means you can’t sell the images but you can print and share as you wish.

Q. Do you offer a pre-wedding or engagement shoot?
A. Yes. It’s a fantastic way to get to know you and for us to bond. Read all about it on the pre-wedding page.

Q. How long until we can view the images?
A. Usually the images are ready within four weeks. In busy periods maybe a little longer.

Q. How long does an album take to arrive?
A. If you order an album, the design takes about a week before you see the proofs. Once you are happy and it gets ordered, the albums take about 6 weeks to arrive.

brides father reading

Q. Can guests order prints?
A. Yes. There are client galleries where your family and guests can order prints.

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