Fun filled Autumn wedding at The Great Tythe Barn

You can see the fun that Sarah and Andy had with their wedding at the Great Tythe Barn recently. They met on the net in 2014. Andy wowed Sarah with tales of childhood stardom and Sarah in turn captivated Andy with her love of Disney movies. The setting was a glorious sunny Autumn day with beautiful colours in the trees; just what they had hoped for.

Joy and Laughter

The proposal was third time lucky for Andy. First he tried to propose at Bath Spa but wasn’t allowed to take any personal possessions in. The second attempt at the park was rained off but finally Sarah was rendered speechless when he proposed while taking her to their favourite┬árestaurant. She was so stunned she had to be prompted for a response as she couldn’t process what he had just asked.

The highlight for Sarah was laughing all day and see their guests enjoying themselves. For Andy the speeches were the highlight; seeing the all the reaction and support – Oh and Sarah getting his name wrong at the altar. “That will be a moment I won’t let her forget anytime soon.”

Their advice for anyone else getting married is simple – “Try not to worry too much about the details. You will be surrounded by family and friends.” and “Try to build in some time to spend with each other. ”

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“LOVE our photographers!! Kevin and Carol are just the best tag team you could wish for!!! They’ve managed to capture us and our day just as we remembered it!! Thank you guys!!! Big love.”

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