Getting the measure of the best man

A fitting suit

I love the unique, the adventurous, the individual. A lot of grooms go for the tails, waistcoat and cravat combo – maybe a top hat – and that’s fine. However, I do love it when people go their own way.

When we first met, David asked if I could photograph his morning at the tailor, with his best man Matt, having their suits fitted. Of course I would – This is a rare request and I loved the idea.

This is my favourite image from that morning. It’s about the light. It’s not the sharpest image but the light on Matt’s face is perfect, especially the catchlight in his eye. It really highlights the seriousness of the situation. Standing perfectly still while the tailor – Phil – adjusts the collar. The shirt and collar were separate with studs used to attach them. It was a lovely detail and the kind of thing that makes you feel good because you know that you are buying quality.

This image is perfect for Black and White,it wouldn’t have the same impact in colour. In the uncropped image below you can see Phil’s watch and hands at work which add texture and context. You can see Matt’s concentration and thoughtfulness – even if it’s fleeting – in that moment.

Because it was a unique shoot Love My Dress picked it up. They didn’t include this image but they did a really great interview with David about the decision between off the peg, tailored and bespoke suits. They also ponder why when such a big fuss is made about choosing the dress, a groom’s sartorial choices are more low key.

If you click here You can see the full wedding at St Mary’s in Tetbury followed by a reception and black tie ball at Kingscote Barn. Which does feature some excellence award winning images.

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Groom Suit fitting

Canon 5DmkII f/2.8 1/250sec ISO 1600