Groom Prep

After yesterday’s post about the bridal prep I thought I would balance it up with the groom prep. It’s hardly balanced though as most Grooms are dressed and ready when we meet them.

It’s nice to shoot both the bride and groom and we’ll definitely be doing more in 2015 but as you can can see there isn’t as much call for grooms getting ready shots – even though we love them too.

It’s generally Carol who covers the boys getting ready and me who photographs the brides. That may seem odd but it works for us. If we’re all at the same location then we might covers everything together and sometimes I hop in the car with the bride and her Dad to let Carol go off early to meet the groom dudes at the church. We go with the flow so as not to interrupt your day.

Getting married? Get in touch. we would love to hear about you and add to our groom collection.


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