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We like to ensure that our couples work with the best suppliers. If we get asked for recommendations we are confident that we are referring suppliers that can match our standards. For me consistency is an obsession so to give our couples the best experience we only recommend suppliers that are at the top of their game. We start the series with Ido Wedding Films

We have invited some of our friends and associates to guest post on our blog so that you can see who we recommend and be assured that if we’ve passed them your way you are getting an exceptional service.

In the first of the series of guest posts we asked our favourite wedding videographers “Ido Wedding Films” to tell us about themselves and to share any hints and tips for couples looking for a wedding videographer for their big day.

So it’s over to Russell to tell you about Ido –

At Ido Wedding Films we create beautiful and contemporary wedding films. Our goal is and always has been to rid the world of cheesy, old-fashioned wedding videos and instead capture weddings in a discreet and cinematic way.

Based in Bristol we cover the whole of the UK and often find ourselves in London or even overseas, having covered celebrations in Cyprus, Dubai and France. This is one aspect that we really love about capturing weddings: seeing so many different cultures, traditions and venues that ordinarily we wouldn’t have the opportunity to.

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This makes us really appreciate every wedding, whatever the style or budget, whether it’s a traditional English manor house or festival-style rustic barn.

Something we always try to replicate in our films is a couple’s personality and style which we can gauge quite well from the day itself. Couples choosing their own music helps too, but a manor house often suits quite cinematic and symmetrical shots whereas you can be a bit more freehand with really shallow depths of field for more rustic occasions.

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One concern that our couples quite often have is how we work with wedding photographers; I think a lot have either heard of or can imagine horror stories of each getting in the way of the other. We can honestly say we’ve never had any problems, and actually the majority of our referrals come from wedding photographers – a testament we hope to how well we work together! Kevin and Carol are no different and we’ve had the pleasure of capturing a number of weddings with them now.

Mona & Chris (6 of 14)
Mona & Chris (12 of 14)

In terms of coverage on the day, something we’ve always done is capture a day based on events rather than time; weddings often, if not always, overrun and we hate the thought of calling time in the middle of the speeches or first dance. Instead our coverage encapsulates events however long they take, for example from the guest arrivals in the morning until the guest dancing in the evening.

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The main differences between our packages is how many camera operators there are, from one to three. Of course more is better but we also understand that every wedding has a budget, and regardless of the number of cameras we always strive to create a really beautiful film that captures the day in its entirety. It’s this that sets us apart from other wedding videographers too; we provide both a feature length version of your film along with a much shorter highlights cut. The highlights are great to show to friends and upload online, whereas the feature length includes your ceremony, speeches and guests and is a more comprehensive film for you to look back on in years to come.

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Our biggest tip to couples would just be to do what you want. We’ve covered so many different weddings of varying traditions and cultures that you soon realise that there is no right, wrong or normal way of doing anything. Just do what makes you happy, comfortable and enjoy the day for yourselves.

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