Cutting the wedding cake with a sword

Luxury wedding at Brympton House

Brympton House is a wonderful, romantic Somerset wedding venue. For wedding photographers it’s the perfect setting for a wedding. It is gorgeous inside and outdoors has stunning gardens. Elizabeth and Andrew’s wedding was one of our favourites from 2016. A luxury wedding in a beautiful church followed by a reception in a grand, historic house in the autumn with beautiful light, a beautiful bride and a handsome groom. Perfect.

Brympton House Wedding Photography

People ask us what our favourite weddings are and we always say it’s about the people. Elizabeth and Andrew were a fabulous couple. Not everything went to plan, nothing ever does. At one point we had to get the sewing kit out after Elizabeth’s dress was torn but nothing spoilt the day. Elizabeth’s father has bought wine, port and champagne from her birth year. The wine was a very important part of the wedding day and no expense was spared. It seemed to go down very well. We even got to try some at the rehearsal dinner the night before while Andrew and the ushers were decanting it.

A Beautiful Somerset Wedding Venue

In the morning we met Elizabeth and the girls in the bridal suite before Carol went off to find Andrew who was having breakfast with the guests in the refectory. The church was quite a drive but worth it. St Mary the Virgin is a grand and impressive church. The vicar was lovely too and just let us get on with our job which is always a relief. There ceremony was emotional with the only one hiccup. The vicar explained how he had a system for remembering the couples names. He said he remembered them phonetically. It was easy this time as it was A&E. He then explained that in the UK – Elizabeth and her family are American – A&E stands for accident and emergency. “Let’s hope there’s no need for that today.” he joked “Now repeat after me, I Richard…”

After the ceremony a double decker bus took all the guests back to Brympton House while Andrew and Elizabeth travelled in style in a vintage Rolls Royce.

We just managed to get the family line ups and some portraits before it started to rain.

An Emotional Wedding Day

Back indoors the table plan was made from beautiful bespoke plates. The guests took their places and Elizabeth and Andrew were announced in. The speeches were emotional but there was plenty of laughter too. Following the wedding breakfast the cake was cut and everyone moved over to the stables for the dancing. Elizabeth’s father took centre stage after the first dance and sang to his daughter which was a touching moment.

We headed off with the party in full swing. Here are a few of our favourite images. If you would like to see more we have a gallery of the full wedding on the wedding portfolio page.

If you are planning a Somerset wedding at Brympton House and are looking for a wedding photographer then please get in touch we would love to hear from you.

The Rehearsal Dinner

The groom and best man decanting the wine The groom in the State Dining Room at Brympton House The groom and best man discuss the wine as the bride laughs in the foreground The guests are seated in the State Dining Room The wedding guests reflected in the mirrorThe rehearsal dnner

The Wedding Day

The groom at breakfast with a flower girl on his shoulders The groom and groomsmen getting ready in the Fat Pidgeon Katy Pheiffer applies the brides makeup The groom putting on his old school tie The bride and a flower girl share an intimate moment before the wedding The bride laughing as the bridesmaids help her into her dress The bride's portrait in the doorway of the bridal suite The wedding cars outside Brympton House St. Mary the Virgin Church, Bruton The groom shares a joke with some wedding guests The bride arrives at the church The bride and the mothers of the bride and groom walk up the path to the church The mother of the groom laughing with her son The bride and her father in the church doorway The father of the bride walks his daughter down the aisle The groomsmen's socks are highlighted in the sunlight The vicar blessing the couple An emotional wedding ceremony The bride laughs when the vicar gets the groom's name wrong The blessing of the rings The bride and groom laughing during the wedding ceremony The first kiss After the ceremony the bride's family shares a moment with the couple The bride and groom are caught in a pool of light The wedding recession Someone steps on the bride's dress Wedding guests hugging and congratulating the couple Wedding guests hugging and congratulating the couple Wedding guests hugging and congratulating the couple Wedding guests hugging and congratulating the couple Wedding guests in top hats A child congratulated the bride and groom Confetti is thrown over the couple Getting into the wedding car The newlyweds arrive at Brympton House The wedding guests arrive at Brympton House for the wedding reception The groom plays with a page boy The newlyweds kiss outside Brympton House The bride and groom laughing at their Brympton House wedding The newlyweds share an intimate moment down by the lake Wedding guests talking during the drinks reception The table plan The bride throws the bouquet from the stairs The couple take the stairs to the wedding breakfast The couple enter the wedding breakfast The bride hugs her sister The father of the Bride's speech The bride laughs out loud The bride hugs her mum The bride hugs a flower girl The bride makes her way down the stairs The cake is cut with a sword The bride laughs as the couple cur the cake The bride waits for the wedding guests to arrive for the party The first dance Wedding guests dancing The father of the bride sings to his daughter The father of the bride sings to his daughter The wedding party in full swing

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    SO many great moments captured here. And that cake cutting is epic! Brilliant set!

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    Amazing pictures! I love the way how you tell the story of the wedding day!

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