Matara wedding Photography

The Cotswolds are full of incredible venues and Matara really is something special. We love coming back to photograph weddings at the Matara Centre. Photography at Matara is always an amazing experience; it’s such a gorgeous wedding venue. In any weather, there’s so much variety both indoors and out that it makes our lives easy.

One of my favourite weddings at Matara

Harri and Ranj were a total dream to work with. They were chilled. laid back and a joy to be around. Harri’s sister made the cake and Dad helped decorate it. I asked why there were dinosaurs on the cake as it was a tropical theme. I didn’t see the link but apparently, Harri just loved dinosaurs so that was that. As I said the theme was tropical so the bridesmaids wore little slip tops and sari skirts. Unfortunately, even though it was May, it was freezing. There were two outdoor ceremonies. One civil ceremony around the Japanese pond and then a short walk to the woods for a more personal ceremony led by Harri’s sister Durga. After those, we did the formal line ups around the lake. Finally, the bridesmaids who had goosebumps and had turned from blue to red could get inside and warm up.

This was the first wedding we had a tortoise as a ringbearer. Everyone loved little Ravitoto, he/she (who knows?) was carried to the couple on a cushion. In the evening everyone made paper boats to launch into the pond after which the cake was cut and the party in the Hilarium started.

We truly love Matara it is one of our favourite wedding venues in the UK. Who couldn’t love a venue with a room called The Hilarium?

silhouette in the japanese garden

On top of that when you have fantastic, laid back clients like Harri & Ranjana and their families it makes the day easy and relaxed. I’m often asked what my favourite weddings are. The answer is – days like these. A relaxed and chilled couple where we are allowed to get on with our jobs and find inspiration as we go.

50 Photos from Harri and Ranj’s amazing Matara wedding

The venue was beautifully decorated with an Indian theme – it was an Indian wedding after all – which fitted perfectly with the venue itself. Ranj in her gold sari looked incredible and Harri looked dapper in his suit. They had an unusual ring bearer – Ravi Toto – their pet tortoise. When I heard it was going to be a tortoise I expected something bigger. Maybe with a house number painted on the shell but Ravi was tiny. He was brought to the ceremony on a cushion with the rings on his back. It was very sweet.

bride hugs

The food was incredible. Kottu Rotti – Sri Lankan street food (yum) – followed by an Indian buffet for the wedding breakfast.

It was such a fantastic day and in the evening everyone made paper boats that were launched into the pond with tealights. As the night closed in the cake was cut and the dancing started.

We loved being a part of this very special day and if you are planning a wedding at Matara then we would love to hear from you.

japanese garden hilarium THe bride doing her makeup in the mirror dinosaur cake The groom's sister takes a picture of the wedding cake Putting the finishing touches to the wedding cake at Matara The bridal prep in the bridal suite at The Matara Centre Friends of the bride laughing the groom in his boxers the groom and groomsmen getting ready groom getting ready The bride putting on her Sari The bride is helped into her Sari The ring bearer is a tortoise The groom and ushers getting ready An usher in the mirror The groomsmen The bride is greeted by one of the wedding guests The groom and groomsmen have a drink before the ceremony The bride's father hugs her A portrait of the bride before the wedding at Matara The bride and her father walk down the aisle The bride and groom laughing during the wedding ceremony The ring bearer is carried on a cushion Matara centre wedding photography Matara wedding photographer The bride and groom laughing after the ceremony at Matara The groom's sister leads a personal ceremony in the woods A ceremony in the woods at Matara The bride puts a garland on the groom The bride has a garland taken off her by the groomsmen A wedding guest hugs the groom Wedding guests get a selfie with the bride and groom The father of the bride laughs and hugs his daughter The wedding party in the house at Matara A portrait of the bride and groom A portrait of the bride and groom in the gardens at The Matara Centre A portrait of the bride and groom in the garden at Matara Matara wedding guests laughing in the Zen room bride laughing The mother of the bride crying with laughter The groom's speech in the Hilarium The newlyweds laughing during the speeches The best man's speech The bride and groom have a portrait in the Japanese garden at Matara The bride and groom's first dance Wedding dancing wedding guests dancing bride and groom dance
Best wedding photographers at Matara 2018

We are amazed and honoured to be named “Best of the Best” suppliers at Matara 2018

Weddings at Matara

The Matara Centre is a beautiful Cotswold wedding venue in Kingscote. It is a stunning space to create your big day. Its magical, mystical beauty inspires unique celebrations. It looks gorgeous in all seasons with stunning gardens. The gardens are the centrepiece of the venue. A stone spiral, lakes and a Japanese garden make any wedding spectacular. In the winter months (or on rainy days) the interior is equally beautiful to spend time in. There are small courtyards and interlinked rooms which mean that even on the darkest of days your guests have plenty of room to spread out. There are loads of quirky places for everyone to hang out and interesting areas for us Cotswolds photographers to make beautiful images. The place really comes alive on a summer’s day with many unique garden areas.

There is ample accommodation for family and close friends in the Regency house where you can gather before the day, cook eat and relax and retire back after the day has ended.

Couples that want their wedding to be a little different will love its unique character and eastern flavour.

The Matara Centre is stunningly beautiful, we love it.

Matara Wedding Photography Gallery

Matara is a beautiful place to get married in any season. Andy and Sam were married in June while Dilini and Will had their big day in November. One of the great things about Kingscote Park House is its size. There is plenty of room for the whole wedding party to get ready in the morning without bumping into each other. The groom and his men can stay in one wong with the bridal suite situated far enough away as not to ruin any surprises. As it was a rainy, gloomy Autumn day Will and Dilini both stayed in the house. They got ready in different parts and being in the same building made it easy for us to get back and forth, to them both during the morning. Once the boys were ready they headed over to the pub for a pint before the ceremony. Andy on the other hand got ready at home with his groomsmen before heading to Matara. Sam and her bridesmaids stayed in the Hunters lodge; hidden away in the woods. As it was a bright summer’s day Andy and Sam held their wedding ceremony in the Japanese garden with the guests surrounding the pond. Will and Dilini were married in the main hall. We didn’t get to explore much of the grounds that day but you wouldn’t notice. It’s such an amazing venue and definitely a favourite of ours. Genevieve and Matt were married at the church, a short walk from the house. “The Destroyers” played in the courtyard in the afternoon before setting up for the dancing in the main hall.

In the evening Sam and Andy had a cheese tower wedding cake which was a little challenging to cut. Will and Dilini had their guests line the cloistered garden with sparklers while they cut their wedding cake outside.

All couples danced the night away in the Hilarium.

It’s easy to get gorgeous wedding images at Matara without being posed, told what to do or where to look. All you have to do is have an inquisitive mind and a love of exploring. Below are some of my favourite unposed moments from weddings at Matara.

I photograph weddings for couples who want to forget there’s a photographer around so they can just get on with enjoying their day