A unique slow shutter portrait of a bride and groom

Award winning wedding photography

I know, everyone says they are award winning but some awards count more than others. Fearless have over 15,000 entries. There are 6 award collections per year. This collection – the last for 2016 – only 89 images were chosen and only 6 photographers were from the UK. So I’m quite chuffed to be award winning. Not only did I win an award but also had another image in the runners up. Below are the images I entered.

Fearless Award Winning Wedding Photography

Over 15,000 wedding photographs are entered for every Fearless collection and less than 0.6% or 1 in every 150 images are chosen so it’s quite a thing to win.

The winner, the runner up and all the other entered images that didn’t quite make it.

A portrait of a bride dancing in front of her groom. Shot at a slow shutter speed outside Bailbrook House in Bath A magician does a card trick as two bald headed men look on A young child eating baby food Two grooms waiting for the lift at The Hoxton High Holborn The groom's speech at the Matara Centre The bride ties up her hair The bride looking surprised Cutting the cake with a sword at Brympton House The father of the bride sings to his daughter A wedding guest reflected in the car window pulls a face at the bride and groom A wedding guest looks startled as the jenga falls Chris Fordham does a bridesmaids hair The groom waits for the bride in a dark barn A silhouette of the bride and groom at Stone Barn A couple looking at each other sat next to some fishermen at Clevedon Pier A groom pulls a face as he cuts the cake

I’ve also won a couple of other Fearless awards so now I have three. I’ll be re-entering the runners up because you never know.

Previous Fearless awards

Fearless award winning imageFearless award


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