New Forest Engagement shoot – Charlotte & Scott

We met Charlotte and Scott when Charlotte was a bridesmaid for Kelly and Toby’s wedding at Sopley Mill back in August last year. That was one of our favourite weddings and it was amazing to get a call from Charlotte on the Monday.

That’s Charlotte on the right.

bridal party

They are having their wedding at The Italian Villa in July. It will be our first time at what looks like an incredible venue and we’re excited to be shooting there. Also it will be fantastic to meet up with Toby and Kelly and all the guys from their wedding again.

We met up with Charlotte and Scott in the New Forest for their engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago. As usual we had the “What do I do with my hands/where should I look” moments starting out but soon got into the groove and all the nerves and awkwardness faded away.

As usual if you are getting married at the Italian Villa, Hampshire, UK, Earth or anywhere else in the known or as yet discovered universe then please get in touch. We love weddings and we’d love to be involved with yours.

Here’s my favourites –