I love pre-wedding photography

Pre-wedding photography; It’s when we first meet and you are all nervous and awkward. I know you hate having your photo taken because everyone does. That’s what they tell us. So we set about removing the awkwardness and turning that into confidence and inspiration. By the end of the session you should be having a good time.

I believe that a pre-wedding photography shoot helps cement our relationship and helps you relax. It gives you the reassurance that on the day you don’t have to worry. Wedding photographs look so much better when you are relaxed and having fun.

What is it all about?

I get asked quite a lot what an pre-wedding photography shoot is about. It’s about making you feel comfortable, taking away any anxiety about being in front of the camera and getting to bond with you. I hear so many brides (and grooms) telling me that they are not photogenic and that they hate having their photo taken. See if you can spot the brides on the wedding gallery that told me that. The pre-wedding shoot is a catalyst that transforms you into a beautiful and relaxed bride who enjoys the whole experience.

I love getting to know you as a couple and individually, how you react, what you want to get from your photography and ultimately how to ensure your dream wedding looks just as you hope it will.

When do we do it?

We try to organise the engagement shoot at least three months in advance of the wedding so that you have plenty of time to see the edited images but not so long that you forget who we are. I have a guide that you can sign up for below. You won’t get put on a marketing list; it’s just there to help. By the end of the shoot we should know what works for you and what doesn’t. You can then be confident that what you’ll get on your wedding day is what you want. If you have any ideas then great we can try them. I love it when couples can get involved too so don’t be afraid to ask.

An engaged couple on Blackpool pier at sunset

What should I do with my hands?

Don’t worry, nearer the date we will send you some info on what to wear and what to expect so you don’t turn up “cold.” The shoot itself takes between an hour and “longer than an hour” – it depends on you and the weather. I will always put in the extra effort to make the images the best they can be, so sometimes it’s an hour and sometimes three. Evenings have the best light so please bear that in mind if we are shooting in the summer, although of course we can deal with any conditions we are given.

Portrait of engaged couple at Greenwich observatory

Bonding and understanding

Because we offer far more than documentary wedding photography we need to be in tune with our couples so that they look their best. A wedding day moves at high speed and we need to be able to work quickly and make every shot count. That means that our couples have to have trust in us. An engagement shoot helps us to do that. If you feel nervous or awkward in front of the camera then we highly recommend including an engagement shoot.

Does it really help?

This is what our couples say –

“The pre-wedding shoot is a great idea as we were unsure what to expect, and were a bit uncomfortable with the focus that would be on us. But the whole session put us at ease with Kevin and Carol and they gave us tips on how to photograph well! When we got together to review these shots we loved them so much we bought an album and used it as our Guest Book. Guests loved the personal touch and it gave a bit more interest than a regular book!”

“By the time it came to the wedding we were comfortable with Kevin and Carol and almost forgot they were about taking candid shots.”

“Kevin came up with some beautiful ideas for shots that really reflected us.”

“..there were some personal touches that were just for us that showed that they truly do listen and get to know you.”

Pre-wedding photography gallery

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