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It's not just one thing. It's not just documentary but there's no set ups. It's not posing but gorgeous portraits. We call it dynamic photojournalism. It's the story of your day told in a modern way with extra zing.



Alternative angles, candid moments. A bride's survival kit. Hanging out with the boys in the morning. The guests arriving. It all adds to the story telling.

We want to be on the same page as you. We need to know that we understand each other and want the same thing. It’s just as important to know what we don’t do as much as what we do.

Here’s the things that we love and also the things we try to avoid.

what we don’t do

We don’t Turn up with a set list of poses

What we want to do is bring out your personality and show you as you are. We don’t want you to look at your photos and say that’s what the photographer made us do. We want your images to last and look good for many lifetimes. We will work it out as we go and use our rules and principles to make you look fantastic.

We don’tWork from “must have” lists or pinterest boards

Having a list of must have images that we have to tick off during the day is not what we do. What we do best is tell the story of your day as it happened. We get in amongst it, close up and personal. We show the tears and laughter, the emotions and connections. The little moments and glances, touches and feelings. It’s exciting, it’s raw and it will make you relive the day over and over. We don’t want our photographs hidden away in the attic. We want them shared and experienced again and again.

We don’tCopy other photographer’s work

We don’t mind being shown a board so we can get a feel for what you are trying to acheive and we’ll work flat out to ensure that we record it as it happened and make it look as good as we can but we’ll do it in our way to reflect your day not copy an image that someone else did on their day.

We don’t Do the venue’s cookie cutter list

Sometimes a venue will have its own list of must have cookie cutter shots that it thinks everyone should have. “That’s why people have booked this venue.” Our photography is about you not about standing you in front of something.

The best experience is when we want the same thing, we get along and we go in the same direction. We want you to love our photography so if you’re still with us, here’s the good bit –


what we do do

Our photographs are about people. Expression, emotion, connection

The wedding day goes past in a blur. We want you to be able to relive the day, remember what happened and see all the little things that you missed. We want to do this with great photography. It’s what we call “Fine Art Photojournalism” it consists of a photojournalistic, documentary approach to the day. Unposed and with as little input as possible. Everything captured as it happened and framed to make it interesting, beautiful and timeless. On top of that we want to make creative and artistic portraits that capture your spirit and personality.

Our mantra is “Be in the moment.” Nothing awkward or corny just beautiful images that reflect your personality and your day. We work quickly. We don’t take hours on elaborate set ups. We don’t want to intrude on your wedding day.

We’re looking for expressions and connections between you and your guests. Like street photographers we are looking for the extraordinary in the ordinary. We have no plan for the day, we just take it as it comes, going with the flow. When it comes to portraits we love to be involved, creating inspirational works of art. We work hard to ensure that you look natural.

We don’t set aside time for photographs. We’ll take time when we have the best light to make portraits. We’ll direct you to make it look natural, like you were just there, in the moment. No cheese, no corn, no awkward.

the flow

How we work on the day

  • We generally arrive two hours before the ceremony. This gives us plenty of time to get all the excitement of the prep. If you have stuff happening before that and want us to come earlier then let us know. we’re happy to chat about extra hours. We wouldn’t want you to miss out
  • If possible we’ll cover both of you getting ready. We come in one car but if you are far apart there are still ways to cover both as long as one of us can ride along with either of you. Photos in the car on the way to the ceremony can be really lovely too
  • We’ll always find the registrar or priest and talk to them before the ceremony. They won’t always let us photograph it so bear that in mind. You will need to speak to them about it before the day so there are no surprises. We do have silent cameras
  • After the ceremony your guests will want to congratulate you. We will let this happen and when it starts to die down we will start to organise the family groups. If it’s a church wedding we will wait until everyone arrives back to the venue. If there is someone on hand that knows who’s who and can gather them it will make the process much quicker
  • At some point we will take you away to take some portraits. When this happens depends on you, on the flow of the day, on the weather and so on. There may be a few odd moments when we’ll grab you for something but we won’t keep you away from your guests for long
  • If you want something creative and out of the ordinary let us know. Some people don’t want that and that’s fine too. Whatever you want just say. Whatever happens we will try and get the best light, whether we’re indoors or in a field. This might involve interrupting the meal to grab a sunset but we will check with you first
  • If you think you look bad on camera, don’t worry. We don’t make you pose. Our instruction is very minimal. We have a few principals that will make everything look natural. No stopping and smiling for the camera just as it happens.
  • Sunsets move from breath taking to gone in about 10 minutes. If we’re going to grab the sunset we need to move fast – just so you know
    For the dancing we’ll be on the floor with you and your guests. We usually stay on for the first couple of songs as that’s when most people are on the dance floor. We’ll get in amongst it to get the best action photos
  • We stay on until 9pm. It’s usually after the first dance when everyone has been on the dance floor and we have some fantastic party images.We often have weddings two or three days in a row so we need to get everything ready for the next couple as we did for you. We’re not strict and we won’t disappear on the stroke of nine and of course if you need us to stay on for fireworks or something similar then we’re happy to discuss it. Just let us know beforehand.
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