Royal Garden Kensington wedding photographer – Day 2

When we arrived at the Royal Garden Hotel for Day 2 of Taruna and Jonathan’s Indian wedding – See day 1 here – the Mandap build was well underway. Jonathan and his family made a beautiful Mandap; decorating it to celebrate the fusion of both families, Dutch and Indian. Here’s the story of Taruna & Jonathan’s Indian Royal Garden Hotel wedding.

Upstairs Taruna and her friends were busy getting ready. Taruna was excited to see the Mandap but Jonathan wanted to keep it a surprise. I think at one point Taruna managed a sneak at the back of my camera but I really don’t think that fleeting view spoiled anything.

Today I was working with Andy Pickard from Peacock Obscura. Carol was unable to make it because she had just gotten out of hospital after knee surgery. Andy did a fantastic job and really filled out the day with amazing images. Hopefully, we’ll work together again soon but without any surgery involved.

The groom arrived in true triathlete style on his bike, lead by Dhol drummers and flanked by his dad and brother to where the families were waiting. It’s a clichĂ© to say that an Indian wedding is colourful but, you know, there’s no other way. Orange was the order of the day. Even the priest wore orange which I’m assured was not planned.

After a joyous outdoor greeting ceremony, everyone moved inside to await the bride ….and dance.

I love an Indian ceremony. It’s all about love, friendship and family. Everyone is equal and it’s a relaxed, fun and inclusive event. Oh and then there’s the food  Amazing.


“Thank you very much for these pictures Kevin we are really thrilled! We love them so much and have spent nearly every evening going through them over and over again.”

The Royal Garden Hotel London Grooms family pulling faces while setting up the mandap Groom and his family setting up the mandap Groom hugging his future mother in law while setting up the venue Grooms father joking around while setting up for the indian ceremony Bride having her hair done during the preparations Bride having the finishing touches to her hair Bridesmaids sharing a hug during the bridal preparation The brides Indian headpiece Bride having her make up applied during the wedding preparation Finishing touches to the brides make up during prep Groom getting dressing in his Indian robes for the ceremony Groom checking his hair in the mirror during the morning preparations Groom and his brother getting into their Indian robes Groom putting on his traditional Indian hat for the ceremony Last touch of make up for the Indian bride on the wedding day Grooms mother putting on her sari for the wedding Sister of the groom in her sari Grooms father helping him with his Indian robes Grooms family and guests in Indian dress Guests arriving for the Indian ceremony Family enjoying a pre wedding drink Father of the bride greeting arriving family members Father and brother of the groom holding his bicycle The grooms Indian footwear for the wedding Guests mingling and catching up before the wedding Groom on his way up the stairs in The Royal Garden Hotel Guests taking the obligatory selfie in their saris Indian Dhol drummers await the arrival of the groom The groom arrives on his bike accompanied by Dhol drummers Groom arriving on his pushbike with Dhol drummers The groom arrives for his Indian ceremony Family exchanging garlands before going into the Indian ceremony The priest welcomes everyone to the Indian wedding Fathers of the bride and groom exchange a hug The grooms sister hugs a family member Sisters of the bride and groom exchange garlands Family taking their photos before the ceremony The groom and his family dancing their way into the mandap The priest welcomes everyone into the ceremony room The arrival of the groom for the Indian ceremony Children playing in the corridor before the wedding ceremony Arrival of the family at the Royal Garden Hotel Child in Indian robes lying on the floor The arrival of the bride for her Indian wedding The bride walking down the aisle toward the mandap The bride and groom and their families in the Indian mandap The groom greets his bride in the mandap The priest conducting one of the Indian rituals of the marriage Family and guests join in with the Indian ceremony The Indian wedding ceremony at The Royal Garden Hotel Child in the congregation of the Indian ceremony The Indian priest saying a few words Blessings from the family during the Indian wedding Beautiful portrait of the Indian bride and groom The newlyweds enjoying a moment together outside the hotel Groom and his new Indian bride on the steps of the hotel The bride and groom awaiting their wedding celebrations Intimate portrait of the Indian couple after their wedding Indian bride having her make up touched up for the evening celebrations Indian bride getting ready for the evening celebrations Photographer and make up artist during the evening preparations The brides sparkling evening make up Groom in black tie for the evening celebrations Bride and groom enter the room for the evening party Father of the bride makes a speech before dinner Applause for the father of the bride speech Sister of the groom says a few words for the newlyweds Sister of the groom makes a speech Indian wedding couples first dance together Bride and groom on the dancefloor Guests dancing Groom embracing friends on the dancefloor Guests enjoying a dance in the hotel Couple dancing the night away Bride and groom dancing with their family Family dancing on the dancefloor The groom making his speech Bride and groom outside The Royal Garden Hotel Urban portrait of the Indian bride and groom