Abbey House Gardens wedding – Laura and Elliott

Heavy rain, thunder and lightning, clearing later. Laura was gutted when we met her in the salon. It was grey, miserable and raining. You wouldn’t know it though because the girls were having a whale of a time. Laura had promised Elliott to have only one drink in the morning and she duly stuck to that even though it came out of different glasses and once straight from the bottle. I think the one drink was Cava.

Once the hair was done it was back to Mum’s to get ready. Elliott meanwhile was driving around in his white McLaren. Carol was due to shoot him with the car at the church and at the pub but the previous wedding overran and so he was forced to struggle on bravely and stay driving the McLaren 650s Spyder for longer than expected. What a bummer.

There comes a time in the bride’s preparations when it hits home. It’s late on, the dress is on and suddenly it all becomes real. I love a crying bride- I tell them all these are the award winning shots – they are always tears of joy, it usually only lasts a few seconds but you will relive that moment for years. That was the moment Laura (other Laura) turned up 3 days overdue (pregnant) but wouldn’t miss her mate’s wedding. Would little Ivy stay put for the wedding? Stay tuned.

The service was long. The Church was hot. The vicar photobombed the signing and then we were out for confetti. Dark skies and thunder rolled as we finished the confetti shots. We set up for some groups but the heavens opened. I told Laura she was special. Not everyone gets lightning on their wedding day. We grabbed some groups in the doorway and left for Abbey House Gardens before we overran the next wedding. I don’t think the other groom had a McLaren to drive around in.

Abbey House Gardens is a stunning wedding venue. You really need sunshine to get the best of it and we had glorious sunshine for the rest of the day. We got some shots on the stepping stones and around the gardens before the meal. Every table was designated a chef who carved the meat and each were given a hat and an apron for the job. The cake was cut before the speeches as it was to be served as desert. Speeches were followed by more photographs around the grounds and then dancing on into the night.

Laura’s (other Laura) waters broke as she was leaving so they floored it (probably doing around 70 all the way) and made a mad dash back to Southend for the birth of Ivy the following morning.

Four seasons in one day, many emotions and a new life. It was one of my favourites of 2014.

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Here’s what Laura said – “Thank you Kevin and Carol for bloody awesome wedding photos….. They’re amazing!!! A very happy Mr and Mrs Smith! x”

Here’s what happened in pictures –
Highlight reel

Music “Aerials” by Lights and Motion



Bristol wedding photographer

Clevedon pre-wedding with Laura and Arash

It was a stroke of genius really – or that’s what I like tell myself now. I must have been making it hard for myself so I could test my Kung Fu moves, craft my chops, hone my skills. In photographic terms it was like a knife fight in a blindingly bright phone box.

I was looking forward to a sunset shoot on the beach and on the pier. The light would be perfect and with a good looking couple everyone would come out looking like a million dollars. Unfortunately I timed it so that the tide was in, there were few rocks, no beach and the pier was shut. The sun was going down but was still high enough to be on full laser high beam and the geriatric lobster in budgie smugglers was loving it.

Step 1. The couple must never know that you are flapping. Check.
Step 2. Try to stop flapping.
Step 3. Let’s go.

We had a blast. It was such fun when we met Laura and Arash. We are shooting their wedding at Kings Weston House in September and they suggested Clevedon for the pre-wedding. Note to self – check tide times and pier opening times – so we met on the sea front. A few warm up shots and we were away. I don’t think we’ve had a couple that laughed so much but when you are a beach the size of a postage stamp with “lobster budgie smuggling dude” and half the population of Bristol I guess you can get a bit self concious. I tell people that laughing always looks great, even when you are laughing because you feel a bit silly – and it’s true.

So you may be wondering what the images looked like if I was struggling so much with the conditions. Well here’s the thing. Self deprecation is comedy gold but self confidence and sharply honed skills make awesome images. So we always choose option 2. We were never in danger really. We’ll always pull it out of the bag and everyone will leave feeling like a million billion dollars.

The difference between a million and a billion? A million seconds is 12 days. A billion seconds is 32 years.

So we’re looking forward to shooting back at Kings Weston House again and with such a good looking, fun couple it’s going to be amazing.

If you are getting married and are looking for a wedding photographer in the South West or anywhere else – we’ll travel. Please get in touch. We still have some availability for 2014 and would love to hear about your wedding plans.

Bristol wedding photographer
Bristol wedding photographer
Bristol wedding photographer
Bristol wedding photographer
Bristol wedding photographer
Bristol wedding photographer

Bristol wedding photographer

“Alright open your eyes”… “I’m flying Jack” …and so on.

Bristol wedding photographer
Bristol wedding photographer
Enagement photography on Clevedon Beach

Engaged couple at Portchester Castle with groom to be reflected in sunglasses

Lisa & Steve – Pre-wedding at Porchester Castle

Lisa and Steve will be our first Military wedding. They are getting married at Larkhill Church with the reception at The Royal School of Artillery. I have wanted to shoot a military wedding for ages so I’m really excited.

We met them for their pre-wedding shoot at Portchester Castle on a glorious evening in mid May.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer then please get in touch.

Engagemed couple in Portsmouth
Engagemed couple in Portchester castle
Engagemed couple in Portchester castle
Engagemed couple in Portchester castle
Engagemed couple in Portchester castle
Engagemed couple in Portchester castle
Engagemed couple in Portchester castle
Engagemed couple in Portchester castle

Engaged couple under a tree at Avebury

Avebury pre-wedding with Ed and Kate

Ed and Kate are getting married at Harptree Court in September. We met them – and Wilson their greyhound – for their pre-wedding shoot in Avebury a few weeks ago.

We always include a pre-wedding shoot with every wedding to get you used to being in front of the camera. It’s loads of fun and ensures that your wedding photography is the best it can be.

If you are getting married and are looking for fantastic photography we would love to hear from you. Drop us a line, we would be delighted to hear all about your plans

Avebury pre-wedding photography
Avebury pre-wedding photography
Avebury pre-wedding photography
Avebury pre-wedding photography
Avebury pre-wedding photography

engaged couple at four pillars hotel

Four Pillars pre-wedding photography – Anna & Ceri

Anna and Ceri are getting married in Holy Rood church followed by a reception at the Four Pillars, Cotswold Water Park. We met them there for their pre-wedding shoot. Usually I don’t like to shoot a pre-wedding at the wedding venue but as there is a large lake at the rear and it’s unlikely that we’ll get round it on the wedding day, I made an exception.

We met them late to take advantage of the evening light and headed off around the lake and then back to the hotel to have a look at the venue. It will be fun to shoot in such a modern looking venue. It’s a big wedding, our biggest so far this year and I’m looking forward to it.

If you are getting married at the Four Pillars or any other Wiltshire Wedding Venue then please get in touch. We would love to hear all about your big day.

Here are some of my favourites –

engaged couple at four pillars hotel
engaged couple at four pillars hotel
engaged couple at four pillars hotel
engaged couple at four pillars hotel
engaged couple at four pillars hotel
engaged couple at four pillars hotel
engaged couple at four pillars hotel

bride and pageboy

The little things – The selfie

Amy wanted a picture with the boys

Amy wanted a picture with the boys but they wanted pictures of their own on their own ipads and phones. Struggling to get the shot on his own Amy suggested that they take one together. It’s a lovely little moment as big brother waits in line for his “photo op.”

This is my favourite image from the day. Although I don’t describe us as documentary wedding photographers – I believe that the photography is part of the experience – some of the best images are unplanned and unscripted.

Observational couture

Probably 80% of a wedding is shot purely observationally without any intervention but our clients also want beautiful and unique portraits. Combining reportage and fashionable is what we are about. I will have to think of a cool catchphrase like “Observational couture” – (maybe I just thought of it).

bride and pageboy

Amy and the boys at the Hotel Du Vin

Engaged couple standing in Park Street Bristol

Bristol pre-wedding photography – Laura and Elliott

Back to Uni, where they first met

Laura and Elliott met at uni and wanted to go back there for their Bristol pre-wedding photography. The Wills Memorial building was the focal point for them and so we met them in Park Street. I love urban photography and Bristol is such a cool place. Laura was a little shy of the camera at first especially in the crowds of shoppers, but I stood in the middle of the road and waved at passers by to prove that no-one takes any notice – we are British after all (Luckily no-one waved back).

We did some funky freelensing and long exposures to get people and traffic blurred. It’s hard to get blurred people walking as most will politely wait for you to take the picture or try to duck under. Any encouragement to carry on walking leads to confusion and half ducks. Once we got going the nerves disappeared and Laura loved it.

I know I say it all the time but we do have the best clients and we are very excited to be shooting their wedding photography at Abbey House Gardens in July.

If you are getting married in Bristol or anywhere else in the known universe we would love to hear from you so contact us here and tell us all about your big day.

Brstol pre-wedding photography
Brstol pre-wedding photography
Brstol pre-wedding photography
Brstol pre-wedding photography
Brstol pre-wedding photography
Brstol pre-wedding photography
Brstol pre-wedding photography at Wills memorial building
Engaged couple stand in traffic  in Bristol
Engaged couple kiss in Wills memorial building

If you are getting married in Bristol or anywhere else in the known universe we would love to hear from you so get in touch and tell us all about your big day.

bride and groom hold umbrellas at abbey house gardens

Here comes the rain again

Everyone wants a beautiful sunny day for their wedding. What people don’t realise is that the sun can bring it’s own issues for photographers – people squinting, too much contrast, deep shadows, burnt out highlights and so on. Of course a decent photographer can deal with this and still produce gorgeous images but what happens if it rains?

We live in the UK and as we know this winter has been a rainfest but rainy weddings are still rare. We haven’t shot many rainy weddings but when it does rain we just deal with it as we would with anything else. In the UK most weddings are mainly indoor affairs anyway so it really just means that we have to find some decent light and shoot a few extra indoor shots instead of going outside. Documentary wedding photographers can just say “Well that’s just what happened on the day.” But we market beautiful wedding portraits as our selling point and so we need to deliver those whatever the situation.

In most cases it’s a question of the intensity of the rain and whether it’s a day of showers. drizzle or constant rain. Those factors decide whether we stay indoors, shoot in doorways, in windows or whether we get the chance to go outside between soakings.

Bride and groom on sofa at Kings Weston House

For Kate and Eddie’s wedding at Kings Weston House it was drizzle all day. We did manage to get all the guests outside for an “Everyone” shot but the steps was the furthest we could venture.

bride and groom hold umbrellas at abbey house gardens

Andrew and Shannon’s wedding at Abbey House Gardens was constant drizzle. But Abbey House Gardens are prepared with umbrellas.

bride walking towards groom at Lainston House

Chris and Claire were married at Lainston House in August and it was bright and sunny between huge downpours so we were constantly in and out.

windy wedding on bournemouth beach venue

The most challenging weather I have had to deal with was not rain. It was wind. Gabby and James’ wedding at Bournemouth Beach Venue was blowing a gale and everything was sandblasted – look at the deckchairs in the background. Sand gets everywhere no matter how much you try to keep things covered.