The Set Up – What we do while you are enjoying the wedding breakfast

As the hardest working of all the wedding suppliers, us wedding photographers deserve a break sometimes. That usually comes when you and your guests sit down for the wedding breakfast. The morning of a wedding is the hardest for us, we start early and we have all the “must have” images to get. The bride getting ready, arriving, rings, kiss and so on. After the speeches it’s usually time to have a little break and something to eat. We don’t ask to be fed during the day as that can be more trouble than it’s worth so I usually grab a sandwich while travelling between venues as we are in a different time zone to you and waiting until 3pm or later can be an issue.

Having said that during the wedding breakfast there is still plenty of work to be done. Downloading a backup of the images on to the laptop, getting lights ready for the evening – especially in for Autumn and Winter weddings and testing out shots with the aid of my trusty (wife and) sidekick Carol. It may be dark when you leave the table and we need to be ready for that.

Here’s a couple of set up test shots that we did at the Riverstation while you were all eating and the resulting images that made it into the album with one even winning an excellence award. When Marcus and Kelly were ready we were already set up for both shots and took them with plenty of time for some groups and the first dance. It’s important that we get the cool shots but more important that we don’t interfere with the running of your day.

Set up test with Carol
Set Up 1

Album image
Bristol Wedding PHotographer

Set up test with Carol
Set up 2

Album Image
Bristol Wedding Photographers