Top Instagram posts – April

I’m not the most prolific social media user but I do like Instagram. There’s no “experts” or opinions. It’s just about the image. Here’s the first of a – probably intermittent – series Top Instagram posts where I’ll share the 5 most liked images from the previous month.

Top 5 wedding instagrams

Top of the bunch is an image of Ged just after she had put her dress on and picked up her bouquet. It’s a simple image. The room was dark and she was stood close to the window hence you can only see the dress and nothing in the background. There was a calm. Dad had been in, tears had been shed, everyone had recovered and now it was time to go.

The second most liked was Zia and Ady’s portrait aqt The Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury. This was taken just after the family line ups when we had five minutes alone with them. They suggested the white Gazebo. I never like to shoot the obvious so you can only see hints of it in the image.

Third most liked was another portrait of Zia and Ady. This time it was shot after the speeches at sunset. I could see the sun setting while the speeches were on and was hoping that we could get outside before we lost the light. Luckily we got out just in time to see a dramatic sky.

At number four is a selfie taken at Northbrook Park before the ceremony. All the girls dressed up in their finery recording themselves looking their best.

Last but not least is one of Carol’s images taken during Alasdair and Natasha’s first dance at Shilstone in Devon. I called it “When two become one.” Carol took it as Alasdair hoisted Natahsa up in the air and all you can see is legs and a dress.

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The newlyweds under the gazebo at Great Tythe Barn The married couple at sunset during their cotswolds wedding in Tetbury The girls take a selfie The bride and groom merge into one when he lifts her up on the dance floor

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