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Top 20 wedding photographers in the UK

Kevin is one of the UK’s top 20 wedding photographers according to two respected international websites – Fearless Photographers & MyWed.  (Last time I checked I was #673 in the world but I’m working on it.) Apart from that…

Contemporary | Cool | Creative

In a nutshell“We photograph weddings as they unfold. we don’t interfere or influence. We want you to see your wedding as it happened and see how everyone was feeling on the day. On top of that we create gorgeous and creative portraits with you without turning the day into a photoshoot. We’re quick, confident and we’ll keep you at your wedding with your guests. We call it Creative Photojournalism.” 

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Keira & Nathan were married in Snowdonia on 1st October. It rained all day. It was fantastic.

One or two wedding photographers?

We work as a team. It means that we can cover both the bride and groom getting ready in the morning, so that no-one is left out. Both of you will get images to remember what you did, who you were with and how you all felt. The day is a blur, believe me. During the ceremony we can cover different angles so you get full length, down the aisle pictures as well as the close up emotional glances from the front. See what your guests see and relive the nerves and excitement.

When the confetti is thrown we cover both angles too so you get images like this.

The newlyweds walk through the guests throwing confettiThe bride & Groom covered in confetti

Working together for such a long time means we know what the other is doing, we can compliment each other and not get in the other’s frame.

We can set up for portraits during your wedding breakfast. Scout locations and set up any lights necessary. We can test lighting on each other. That way we can get it done done swiftly and you get the cool, creative portraits you want but stay at the wedding and not go off for hours. That means that we are less intrusive on the day and you get to spend more time with your guests. Do you need two photographers? That’s up to you.

We can work singly as well. Sometimes it can seem a lot to have two wedding photographers, especially if it’s a very small wedding but having the different angles covered and both preps makes a difference. We do offer a package with just one photographer but we usually get booked together.

How we approach the day


We arrive a couple of hours before the ceremony. It gives you and your party time to get relaxed and used to us being around before it all kicks off. It gives us loads of time to get all the excitement and the buzz of the getting ready. Carol normally photographs the groom’s party and I photograph the bride and her entourage. If both parties are in the same hotel or venue then we can both move around and cover both. If not as long as one of us can get a lift we can work it out. It’s much better to have both sides of the story.

Bridesmaids laughing and doing their hair

The Wedding Ceremony

Because we shoot from down the aisle and from the front you can get images full length including the beauty of the venue and the close up personal moments to remember the emotion. We can’t always do it this way as some churches or registrars won’t allow photography during the wedding ceremony but it’s our preferred way wherever possible. We’ll always find the vicar, priest or registrar before the ceremony and find out what the rules are. We do encourage our couples to talk to their celebrant before the big day so that there are no surprises on the day. We’ve heard many times that the Vicar is really cool only to be told that there is absolutely no photography allowed. We’ll try to mitigate that and demonstrate our silent cameras but we always have to go along with their instructions. Whatever the situation is we’ve been there, done that and will get you some fabulous images.

After a lengthy explanation of how he remembers couple’s names the vicar gets Andrew’s name wrong.

Bride and Groom smiling at each other in church Bride and groom with their hands in the air before ceremony exit

The wedding reception

Once the ceremony is done and the confetti is thrown, the drinks and canapes are served. During this time everyone wants to congratulate you so we’ll leave you to it. We’ll be working the crowd to get the expressions and connections of your family and guests. We love to get up close to really put you in the picture as if you were there. Once we have that we’ll get all the family line ups. At some point when the light is best we’ll spirit you away for some couples portraits. A lot of our couples take this time to have a breather and relax for a few minutes. It sounds weird but it can be hard work being congratulated all day. The portraits don’t take long. Usually we will have spotted an opportunity and will take a couple of minutes to photography you and then deliver you back to your guests. This way we don’t interrupt the flow of the day.

We’ll always be looking out for moments like these

Emotional, crying bride with guestwedding guest hugging the bride The groom wipes tears from his eye during his speechGuests duck as the bouquet is thrown

Wedding Portraits

As much as we love documentary, we also love to be creative and make some portraits with you on the day. Some wedding photographers focus on one thing. We like to focus on two things. A photojournalistic approach for the day and an artistic approach for the wedding portraits. We can use natural and available light or we can mix it up with flash. Our wedding portraits are cool, contemporary and creative. We don’t have a list of poses so what you’ll get will be unique. We don’t impose ourselves on you either. Your wedding portraits will be about you. If you want something “out there” then great but if you want natural “in the moment” we love that too. It’s about you.

A portrait of the bride and groom Bride and groom laughing A portrait of the bride and groom The grooms portrait at night in the garden during a same sex wedding at Pembroke college Cambridge Bride and Groom silhouetted in the doorway at Orpenham Farm Barn Bridal portraits in the gardens at Nunsmere Hall

The Wedding Party

We get right on the dance floor with you and your guests. As Robert Capa said

“If your pictures aren’t good enough then you aren’t close enough.”

I love being in the thick of the action and it shows in the images.

The bride laughing on the dance floor with her sister The brode dances with her dad

Cameras and equipment

Does it matter what equipment your wedding photographer uses? For many years the question was “Canon or Nikon?” We were Canon. Camera equipment and settings are mostly irrelevant. It’s the skill of the photographer. The gear is a tool. It must be able to perform in demanding situations. Most weddings are fairly dark so the cameras should be able to shoot in low light and lenses should be able to let as much light in as possible. All of it needs to be able to take some knocks. Early in the year (2016) we decided to change everything. We sold all the Canon gear and moved to Fujifilm. The cameras are smaller and less intrusive. They let us take pictures we couldn’t take before. They are less imposing for our clients and their guests so we don’t get noticed as much and that allows us to get wedding images that show how the guests were feeling. Wedding images that show all the emotions throughout the day.

Our decision to move to Fujifilm was based partly because the mirrorless cameras have an electronic shutter as well as a mechanical shutter. This means that during the ceremony we can take pictures silently. The Canons had a silent shutter mode but it wasn’t silent, it was just quiet. The Fujis are silent.
Fuji X series cameras

In summary

If you are looking for a documentary wedding photographer to capture your day as it happens without getting in the way then that’s what we do. Most of our clients want some creative portraits on top that’s why we call it Creative Photojournalism. If that’s what you are looking for then great, please get in touch.

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