We’ve been nominated in the Wedding Industry Awards

A lot of awards are like competitions. You enter and you win or you don’t. You might get a bronze or a sliver or a gold but it’s you who have entered yourself. I know a lot of photographers that claim to be award winning because they have won the odd bronze award. I’m not sure that really counts in the spirit of “Award winning photography” but there we are.

When you are nominated by someone else because they think you are amazing that’s a different thing entirely. When it’s a client that enters us then I think we must be doing something right. Anna has entered us in the Wedding Industry Awards this year. She says

“He has great creative flare and combines this with outstanding photographic skill. He always manages to capture the moment! He is humble, hardworking and delivers outstanding results with a very personal touch. ”

All of our clients from November last year to October this year can vote (after their wedding) and so far everyone has which is fantastic. So watch this space who knows.

Here’s one of my favourites from each of those amazing weddings to date –

Groom feeds bride cake
tattooed bride first dance

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