Wick Bottom Barn Wedding Photography

Wick Bottom Barn near Rockley was the perfect setting for Georgina and Simon’s woodland themed wedding in May. They would have liked to get married in the woods but with the English weather being unpredictable they settled on the next best thing – a Wick Bottom Barn Wedding. Once they had seen pictures of it online they fell in love with it. Georgina searched for days for contact details but couldn’t find any. Desperate to book she phoned a farm nearby and found, luckily, that they took the bookings. They don’t advertise; it’s all word of mouth.

George knew Simon was going to propose when he was asking lots of carefully coded questions about ring sizes and designs. Simon wanted everything to be perfect and a surprise but George had broken his code and had an expectant look every time they went out. So one evening when George was sleeping on the sofa after a particularly busy day at work she woke, hair a mess, to find Simon on one knee with the ring and a bottle of champagne “Surprise!”

Georgina’s dress was unique. After searching bridal shops she decided to make it herself. It was a lot of work, but worth it. She also made her veil and hair accessories for both her and the bridesmaids. Even the shoes were decorated to match the dress. Her bridesmaids wore green multi-way dresses which perfectly matched the countryside setting. During the morning prep her bridesmaids gave her a marriage survival kit with lots of “useful” items. I stayed with the girls while Carol went to the boys. Simon and his groomsmen were getting ready at Simon’s brother Tom’s house. Simon and the boys wore tweed to fit with the rustic theme.

Their ceremony took place at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Cricklade. The vicar was lovely and let us photograph with no restriction which is rare and I always make a point of thanking them when that happens. After the ceremony George and Simon took an open topped Mustang to the barn. It was quite a way so when they arrived George’s hair was a little more “bohemian” than she was expecting. After a quick tidy up at the top of the drive it was time to meet the guests.

Wick Bottom Barn is a blank canvas so three days before the wedding and with the help of family and friends it was decked out in a woodland theme. It’s a really great place for a wedding as it’s completely isolated in beautiful countryside. After the meal we had time to explore the nearby lanes a little and got some fantastic portraits. One even got an Editor’s choice award on MyWed.

We left when the party was in full swing. Get Carter rocked the night away as we headed home.

If you are having your wedding at Wick Bottom Barn or one of the other fabulous Wiltshire Wedding venues and you are looking for a wedding photographer then please get in touch. We would love to be invited.

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